OnlyFans model banned from Wellington Bunnings stores for taking off her underwear

The woman is banned from Bunnings stores in Wellington for the next two years.
The woman is banned from Bunnings stores in Wellington for the next two years. Photo credit: Instargam/Layla Kelly

A Kiwi OnlyFans model has been banned from popular hardware store Bunnings after filming a saucy video inside which left her in trouble with police. 

Wellington mother Layla Kelly, 33, filmed herself along with a friend taking their underwear off and leaving them around the store "as a surprise for the dads" and the "hard working tradies". 

The video filmed inside a Wellington Bunnings was quick to go viral on social media, raking in more than 15 million views. 

Police knocked on Kelly's door to confront her about the video, which she admitted made her heart drop, according to  

"I instantly thought, 'Oh my god, someone had died'," the mother explained. "I started panicking, I thought for sure something absolutely horrible had happened." 

"They had a very stern look on their faces and told me that they needed to talk about something serious. My mind was absolutely racing." 

"I was so confused, I just stared blankly at them," she told 

Kelly explained her content on social media was to hook new views and advertise her subscription-based OnlyFans profile.   

She told officers she was "double layered", explaining she had another pair of underwear on underneath. 

"They were simply a prop for the video, we didn't really take our underwear off."  

"We filmed a bunch of different videos there. No staff told us anything, except that when we took our shoes off at one point, they said we need to put them back on, which we respected," the woman said. 

Kelly was then ordered to sign trespass notices stating she would be fined up to $6000 if she visited any of the Bunnings stores in Wellington over the next two years. 

"We never exposed ourselves or anything. I don't understand why this whole thing needed to be so dramatic," she said. 

"I definitely won't be going into any Bunnings stores though, that's for sure." 

Newshub approached Bunnings who declined to comment.