Travel makes you more attractive, according to study of New Zealand singles

If your dating life is as dry as the desert, you may want to consider visiting one - with new research revealing that travel may make you more attractive, at least to the Kiwi eye.

The research, commissioned by budget Aussie airline Jetstar, found even the most well-crafted bio or curated snaps won't compare to a profile that conveys a passion for travel, with the results indicating a well-travelled individual will make one in two Kiwi singletons swipe right.

The study involved 500 Kiwis, all of whom were asked about what arouses their interest on dating apps - with the results inspiring the airline's latest 'Profile Pic Upgrade' sale.

The research also found a prospective partner enjoying a meal was the most attractive profile photo among Kiwi singles, with 63 percent saying the snap would have them swiping right. Relaxing beachside was second at 58 percent, and sipping coffee was third at 50 percent.  

However, photos of fishing will not net you a date, with 35 percent of singles saying they will instantly reject a potential match if they're pictured with a fishy friend. Not a catch, it seems. 

The airline's nationwide survey also revealed more than 80 percent of New Zealand singletons feel unsatisfied with the local dating scene, prompting many to consider travelling in the name of love.  

Fifty-three percent of singles said they'd be willing to travel across the motu to find the elusive 'one', while more than half of those (29 percent) said they'd also consider venturing overseas to look for love. 

The findings also indicated a lavish lifestyle isn't the key to Kiwi hearts, with only 5 percent of participants saying they'd consider dating someone with a "flashy, no expense spared" style of travelling. Meanwhile, 25 percent said they are drawn to adventurous travellers, and 21 percent to sightseers.   

According to the survey, 43 percent have indulged in a holiday romance in the past, while 35 percent said they hoped for a fling on their next adventure.  

And icks very much count as additional baggage, with the biggest travel turn-off being rudeness to waiters, staff or crew, according to 72 percent of those surveyed. Spending the entire trip on social media was the second ickiest at 56 percent, followed by taking shoes off on the plane (45 percent) and refusing to try the local cuisine (38 percent).

The findings are being used to promote Jetstar's latest sale, offering Kiwis an "opportunity to renew those profile pics". The sale spans 17 domestic and international routes with 25,000 discounted fares available. 

Domestic fares start at $30 and international at $135. Travel dates vary per route but include early May to mid-September 2024. Public access starts at 11:59pm Thursday, and the sale ends at 11:59pm on Monday, March 18 unless sold out prior. 

As always, potential customers should carefully read the terms and conditions of the sale fares. 

The 'Profile Pic Upgrade Sale' fares include: 


  • Christchurch to Wellington from $30  
  • Auckland to Christchurch from $35  
  • Auckland to Wellington from $35  
  • Wellington to Queenstown from $38  
  • Auckland to Dunedin from $50  
  • Auckland to Queenstown from $55.  


  • Auckland to Sydney from $135  
  • Wellington to Gold Coast from $159  
  • Auckland to Brisbane from $169  
  • Auckland to Gold Coast from $169  
  • Auckland to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $169  
  • Auckland to Rarotonga from $169  
  • Christchurch to Gold Coast from $169  
  • Christchurch to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $169  
  • Queenstown to Gold Coast from $179  
  • Queenstown to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from $189  
  • Queenstown to Sydney from $199.