Burger King giving away 'adult toys' on Valentine's Day

  • 14/02/2017

If you thought KFC capitalised on Valentine's Day better than any other fast food chain with its fried chicken bouquets - well, you may well be still be right.

But Burger King Israel has certainly given its global rival a run for its money with a new R18 deal that features a handful of kinky toys in its newly announced 'Adult Meal'.

The deal is only available on Valentine's Day after 6pm (local time), and includes a number of fairly innocent products - two Whoppers, two portions of fries and two beers.

However there's a reason it's only available to over 18-year-olds - and that's because each Adult Meal comes with either a feather duster, a satin mask or a scalp massager.

While those are far from being the most risque items - and are certainly a far cry from the sort of things seen on the hugely contentious Fifty Shades Darker - the accompanying TV advert certainly has an erotic vibe.

"Kids Meal? That's for kids," a sultry female voice is heard saying, before introducing the meal deal over a sensual audio track.

Unfortunately the Adult Meal is only available in Israel, but if it's a hit we may yet see it on our shores come the next February 14.