Kiwis to skip manual tax forms for 2019 as IRD moves to automatic refunds

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) has geared up for a busy year as tax refunds move to an automatic system.

More than 300 temporary workers have been hired to work in the IRD call centre to help with 1.9 million extra calls expected between late March and early July.

Legislation passed in August 2018 means Kiwis will no longer submit their own personal tax summary (PTS) or use a third party company like WooHoo to get their refunds.

Instead, the IRD will notify people if they are owed any money, or if they owe unpaid tax. Refunds owed will then be automatically deposited into people's accounts between late May and early July.

Many Kiwis may only be noticing now after the start of the new financial year in April 1.

The changes mean third-party companies like WooHoo, which would file a PTS on behalf of customers in exchange for a cut of their refund, are no longer necessary.

WooHoo called this a "mission accomplished" on their website, which now bears a simple message of goodbye.

"A huge thanks for the support and excitement you've shared with us over the last ten years," founder Cilla Hegarty said.

"We think you are all wonderful!"

The IRD recommends people ensure their details, especially bank account details, are up-to-date in the MyIR system.

It will no longer issue any refunds by cheque. Self employed people will still need to submit IR3 forms before any potential refund is identified.