Truck driver in Australian mine reveals staggering salary for just 6 months' work

  • 15/07/2023
Ashlea is a fly-in-fly-out truck driver working at the mines.
Ashlea is a fly-in-fly-out truck driver working at the mines. Photo credit: TikTok/the_salty_pinup

A fly-in-fly-out truck driver in Australia has revealed the staggering salary she earns for working just six months a year. 

Ashlea, who works in a mine in remote Western Australia, has revealed what the job is really like including 4am wake-ups, 12-hour shifts and a whopping salary of AU$120,000.

The dump truck driver typically works 14 days in a row and then gets 14 days off. This means she splits her time between the Pilbara mines and Perth.

Ashlea had no experience driving trucks before this job and revealed when she first started as a trainee, she made AU$36.50 per hour. Within three months she got a pay rise bringing her hourly rate to AU$43.50. She then changed contractors and her wages jumped to AU$51.50 an hour.  

The truckie also revealed her company pays workers bonuses which brings her annual salary to around $120,000 a year. 

"The contracting company I'm with actually pays you a bonus each month and they pay you $2000 each month that you stay with them, so that could be anywhere between $6000 to $10,000," she said in a TikTok video. 

"So annually my $51.50 would be approximately $112,000. With my bonuses, that could be another $10,000 - so $122,000 for my first year.

"I think it's pretty good for working only six months of a year as a truckie."

She's not the first Australian TikTokker to speak out about the huge salaries on offer in mining and construction. 

Earlier in the year, a Gold Coast traffic controller claimed she was earning several thousands of dollars each week working on a construction site. 

In a now-deleted TikTok video, Paris Taylor claimed she earned as much as AU$3500 for just five days' work. 

But people were quick to question the influencer's claims with one person saying their husband was a part-time traffic controller and didn't earn anywhere near as much. 

"My hubby is casual and a traffic control worker and is on $30 ph. I call BS," they said. 

The average traffic control salary is AU$82,851 per year in Australia based on 17 salaries, according to