Lotto player watched All Blacks after winning $1 million, wants to 'live debt-free'

  • 02/08/2023
Five Lotto players became millionaires in July.
Five Lotto players became millionaires in July. Photo credit: Getty Images

One new Lotto millionaire from Morrinsville is planning to pay off his mortgage with his winnings, while another from Mosgiel said he will stay in his job and look after his family. 

Five players from across New Zealand became millionaires in July after winning $1 million on Lotto or Instant Kiwi games. 

The winner from Morrinsville, who wanted to remain anonymous, said it was surreal. 

"I was watching the numbers being drawn and looking down at my ticket at the same time to see if any matched," the man said.

"When I realised that one of my lines had all the numbers, I thought, 'Yep, I’ve won Lotto!'"

He said after finding out he won he and his wife watched the All Blacks. 

"But we didn’t get much sleep after that."

Another winner from Mosgiel said he was speechless after winning $1 million on an Instant Kiwi game. 

"The scratchie was sitting in my truck for a day or two," the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said. 

"I saw it there on the weekend and scratched it at home. It was a strange feeling when I scratched the winning number. I was excited but also speechless.

"I tried to carry on like normal for the rest of the day and had a couple of beers that night to celebrate."

He said he was going to stick with his job.

"But looking after my family and buying some property is high on my list. It’s only a good thing if you do good things with it after all!."