Budgeting News

Frances Cook spoke to The Project.

Is your money situation a financial mess?

Whatever your situation, it's easy to get in a financial funk.

A professional cleaner wiping lounge floor

Increase in number of landlords allowing pets may warrant higher cleaning standards

Should vacating tenants pay for a professional cleaner?

Fruit and vegetables section at the supermarket

Organic versus standard produce - is it worth the extra cost?

Shopper demand for organic growing at twice the rate of standard produce

Paying for goods using a smartphone.

Digital wallets replacing real wallets as cashless culture arrives

Contactless payment options are increasing and consumers must prepare themselves.

Person highlighting bank account to identify extra spending

'Fritter factor' could cost you thousands in interest - experts

How increasing your cash surplus will get you out of debt faster

Shop around for house-hold appliances

Why it pays to shop around for household appliances

Shave up to 59 percent off the price of household whiteware

Buy now, pay later - beware the modern-day layby

Buy now, pay later: Beware the modern-day layby

Schemes such as Afterpay are convenient, but only if used in a smart way, according to experts.

A man use remote controller to set air conditioner temperature in the room.Hand holdind control remote switch of home air conditioner

Should you leave your heatpump on all day?

You don't have to break the bank to stay warm this winter.

Credit Cards

House-hold debt may be higher now than during GFC - expert

Sam Stubbs cautions against overspending in an environment of lower interest rates.

NZ will suffer under Government budget if there is another earthquake, says economist

There are other countries willing to lend us money, but the Government won't take it.

Watch: Grant Robertson and Amy Adams give their take on the Government's increased debt target.

Finance Minister blasted for 'loosening the purse strings'

Amy Adams attacked Grant Robertson for lifting Crown debt limit by 5 percent.

Watch: Carmel Sepuloni has announced just three changes to welfare laws.

Welfare reform: National says Greens received 'nothing'

Labour has an agreement with the Greens to reform the welfare system.


Salvation Army launches appeal to help 120,000 vulnerable Kiwis

That's the same number of people as Mt Smart Stadium filled four times.

Someone on the average wage would be $430 a year better off, Simon Bridges says.

Rising rents will swallow National's tax breaks - expert

Darryl Evans says there will be little benefit in the Opposition tax plan.

Aid groups like the Mangere Budgeting Services offer help to the homeless before Christmas.

High demand for budgeting help over holiday period

Another blow to the wallet may be yet to come as the school year approaches.

This Kaitaia woman is living on only $1000 a year, in a bid to save money.

Woman reveals how she saved $20k in one year

And no, she didn't give up brunch or coffee.


Families feeling more hopeful under Labour Govt

The winter energy payment comes in to effect in July.


Budget 2018: What we know already

Newshub Nation breaks down the numbers on the biggest pre-budget announcements.


No buddha bowls, no Uber: the Millennial financial detox

We put Newshub's most extravagant Millennial on a zero-spend budget. But can she do it?

The cost of uniforms, extra-curricular activities, textbooks, technology and transport adds up.

The cost of education - good news and bad for parents

A 'free' education is anything but.

Raise kids who know how to budget like a boss.

How to raise rich kids - even when you're not

You need $12 a week and a F**k Off Fund.

Trying out the weirdest, budget beauty hacks.

We try the weirdest budget beauty hacks

Does hemorrhoid cream really work to reduce puffy eyes?

Sue Chetwin of Consumer NZ

Six simple tips to slash your power bill

Newshub finds the biggest power-wasters - and methods to cut costs.


Young Kiwis lack budgeting skills -- survey

There are renewed calls for financial literacy to be made a compulsory subject in schools after a survey has found many 16 to 19-year-olds still lack basic financial skills.


Families going hungry to pay the bills

A budgeting service says families are going hungry to pay the bills, as rental costs in Auckland soar.

The Commission for Financial Capability has some tips for how you can start to get your finances in shape (file)

Talk Money with Tony Field – September 4, 2015

Money Week is a good time to stop and think about your finances. That can be a daunting prospect for many people though.

Fifty-one percent of students regularly save (file)

High school students' money skills tested

Most high school students think they know how to manage their money. But teachers believe their pupils' money management skills are low.