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Watch: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the New Zealand economy is operating at "close to potential".

World 'sleepwalking' towards another financial crisis - former Bank of England boss

We've failed to learn the lessons of the global financial crisis, says Mervyn King.

The move has been slammed by Trump's opponents.

Donald Trump's Florida resort to host G7 summit

The announcement has quickly been criticised by Democrats.

Gareth Kiernan on The AM Show.

Trump's trade war: 'Not a lot we can do', economist says

The global economy's headed for its slowest growth in nearly a decade, according to a new report.

Watch: The Government is awash with cash, recording a surplus of $5.5 billion.

How to spend a surplus without bankrupting the country

People outside Treasury think the job is hardest during recessions. The opposite is true.

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US President Donald Trump announces sanctions against Turkey

"I am fully prepared to swiftly destroy Turkey's economy."

Cameron Bagrie on The AM Show.

Praise for Reserve Bank Governor's 'not deadly dull and boring' approach

"He's got a bit of character, and that's taken a little bit to get used to."

Sir Roger Douglas and Susan St John on Newshub Nation.

Government surplus actually a $30 billion deficit - Sir Roger Douglas

He says if company directors did their accounts the way the Government does, they'd be in jail.

Sharon Zollner on The AM Show.

Will spending the surplus really boost the economy?

It could be a short-sighted move, an economist has warned.

The pair were on The AM Show.

'You're in trouble': Why it's risky to cut taxes despite $7.5b surplus

Don Brash has a warning for the Government.

Business confidence, employment and investment intentions are tracking downwards.

Bank survey highlights confidence, employment and investment intentions remain hum-drum

Deteriorating business conditions are "less about data and more about people."

Watch: How the NZ economy is like a bathtub -an economist explains.

China warns Trump's tariffs could 'plunge the world into recession'

"Erecting walls will not resolve global challenges," China's Foreign Minister told the UN.

Shamubeel Eaqub on The AM Show.

Commerce Commission should investigate regional air routes - economist

Jetstar this week said it will axe its regional services at the end of November.

Watch: Economist Cameron Bagrie.

'Strong and resilient': International report's glowing assessment of NZ economy

That's despite GDP growth being at its lowest since 2013.

Watch: Cameron Bagrie 'Government needs to spend to stimulate economy'.

'Watch, worry and wait': Economist on OCR forecast

Economists predict OCR decision ahead of Wednesday's announcement.

Cameron Bagrie on The AM Show.

GDP growth constrained by low unemployment - economist

"Finding skilled labour is hellishly hard for businesses, so we just can't grow as fast."

Grant Robertson on Newshub Nation.

IMF praises NZ economy

But it has a suggestion on how we could do better.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson on Newshub Nation.

Finance Minister says it'll take decades to improve NZ's productivity

Per capita, New Zealand's GDP has been going sideways for about five years.

Paul Bloxham was on The AM Show.

'You seem to have lost your mojo'- Aussie economist who coined 'rockstar economy'

Paul Bloxham's glowing praise for our economy is fading.

Shamubeel Eaqub on The AM Show.

Economist suggests 'literally' giving money to the poor to save the economy

"If you give poor people money, they will spend it."

She made the stumble while in Japan.

Watch: Ardern mixes up China and Japan in awkward bungle

She made the stumble while in Japan to promote New Zealand.

A property expert has explained why three couples failed to make a profit.

Property expert explains why The Block auction was a fizzer

Three out of the four apartments failed to generate a profit at last night's sale. Here's why.

Watch: PM Jacinda Ardern said in July she  "rejected" political movements looking to blame international institutions.

Ministry's chilling warning of 'widespread populist sentiment'

New Zealand is operating in a global environment that "remains challenging".

Why Kiwis now think it's a good time to buy a house.

Revealed: Regions with record average home asking prices

The total stock of homes on sales has also dropped to its lowest in years.

 China's President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump.

Is NZ safe from fallout from the US-China trade war?

The escalating war is being felt worldwide.

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Just one NZ city ranked in Safe Cities Index

It was ranked the 18th safest in the world.

Watch: Shamubeel Eaqub on The AM Show.

Recession not a question of if, but when - economist

Shamubeel Eaqub revealed what he thinks will trigger a downturn.

NZ recession 10-15 percent likely within next year - experts

NZ recession 10-15 percent likely within next year - experts

Overall, things are still in pretty good shape.

Sam Stubbs discussed the proposal on The AM Show.

National's super proposal will draw mixed response - Retirement Commissioner

The party wants to raise the age from 65 to 67.

Cameron Bagrie on The AM Show.

Why Kiwis now think it's a good time to buy a house

Confidence hasn't been this high since 2013, according to a new survey - but why?

A leading economist says NZ could be hit by a looming recession.

Trump's 'tantrum' might put NZ into recession - economist

Cameron Bagrie says we'll struggle to avoid the consequences.