Mark Longbottom on The AM Show.

Well-off oldies urged to donate winter payments to poor youth

"People can donate that to us, and we can get it to charities that can make a difference."

Cameron Bagrie on The AM Show.

Superannuation: An intergenerational fiscal hole?

An econmist says if the Govt is serious about intergenerational fairness, it'll raise the super age.


Why are we giving immigrants superannuation?

We can barely cope with our own, yet here we are stuffing money into the pockets of foreign baby boomers, writes Duncan Garner.

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell says those with money in KiwiSaver shouldn't "mess" with their accounts.

The $500 a week reason KiwiSaver is better than Lotto

You're far more likely to have a decent retirement if you do the boring thing and save.

A new report shows superannuation isn't even enough.

How much is enough, when it comes to retirement?

A new report shows superannuation isn't even enough.

Watch: Elderly Kiwis struggling to pay off mortgage before retirement.

How much you need to save to avoid a no-frills retirement

A new report says the pension isn't enough to cover even a bare-bones lifestyle.

Over-65s owe an average of $232k each, new data shows.

Elderly Kiwis struggling to pay off mortgage before retiring

Over-65s owe an average of $232k each, data shows.

Sean Plunket accused Peter Williams of being "greedy" when talking about superannuation.

Williams defends taking Superannuation after Plunket onslaught

Sean Plunket accused Peter Williams of being a "greedy boomer".


Sean Plunket labels Peter Williams 'greedy boomer' for taking Super

Is it okay to "suck on the public teat" when you've already got enough money to retire on?

London, England, United Kingdom

Govt should stop telling Kiwis Superannuation isn't affordable

The pension probably will still be around when today’s youth retire, writes Jenesa Jeram.


Superannuation eligibility age should increase - think tank

A new report also says superannuation should be linked to health expectancies.

He calls it a "kick in the teeth for us".

'Obscene': Garner slams Dame Elias' 'gold-plated' super scheme

"It's a kick in the teeth."

It's not hard to make more money in KiwiSaver.

The common KiwiSaver mistake that could cost you a fortune

It could cost you anywhere between $300,000 and $1 million. Luckily, it's easy to fix.

The AM Show acting host Ryan Bridge has come out swinging against the New Zealand superannuation system, saying it needs some major changes.

Retirement Commissioner calls for limited superannuation access for new migrants

"We have to look at a new set of rules."


NZ super should only go to those who 'super need' it - Bridge

"Rich people shouldn't get it, new migrants shouldn't get it."

Mark Patterson.

Member's Bill would force migrants to wait 20 years before getting super

NZ First MP Mark Patterson introduced the Bill.

Diane Maxwell on The AM Show.

Don't mess with your KiwiSaver - Retirement Commissioner

KiwiSavers are being urged not to panic in the face of market drops.

Few have opted out of the modest payment.

Few opting out of the Govt's winter energy payments

Superannuitants and beneficiaries are lapping them up.


Super has to go up to help renters - Grey Power

More renters heading for retirement has prompted calls to raise super.

Winston Peters will collect winter energy payment

That's on top of a $334,734 salary - plus super.

Diane Maxwell on The AM Show.

Most 65-year-olds don't want to retire - Retirement Commissioner

Diane Maxwell says we need to stop thinking about 65 as the 'retirement' age.


Taxpayers to shell out millions to highest-earning superannuitants

David Seymour is coming down hard on the revelations.


The great Waiheke Island ferry rort

A tiny group of 100 Supergold card holders hoover up $200k of free trips to Waiheke Island every year, it's been revealed.

$1.8 billion has been set aside for light rail.

NZ Super Fund could build Auckland light rail

The Government says it received an "unsolicited proposal" from the fund.

Prepare for a shock when you see the true amount you're paying.

How KiwiSaver fee changes could affect you

Prepare for a shock when you see the true amount you're paying.

Gareth Morgan wants your money, so he can give it to someone else.

Why Gareth Morgan wants you to give him your super payments

The money won't be spent on new toys for the millionaire though.

Jacinda Ardern has announced more Pacific Islanders will be eligible for a New Zealand pension.

Ardern announces more Pacific Islanders will get NZ pension

They'll be eligible for superannuation without having to come back after 50.

Gareth Morgan celebrated his 65th birthday in typical style.

Gareth Morgan takes aim at superannuation on 65th birthday

The TOP leader says he's reached "the golden age when all benefits drop from the sky".

oil rig

Norway might drop oil stocks from its wealth fund

The trillion-dollar fund might over time divest billions of dollars from oil and gas stocks.

Bermuda-based law firm Appleby helped wealthy investors use offshore companies to store funds.

NZ Super Fund caught in Paradise Papers leak

"Inland Revenue is very much aware of where we invest."