Energy Sector News

A power price shake-up is underway after the Electricity Price Review's final report was released on Thursday.

National doubts electricity industry 'tinkering' will reduce power bills

But Jacinda Ardern says the Government's moving as quickly as it can.

Watch: The cost of electricity has skyrocketed since reforms to the sector three decades ago.

Power companies told to end prompt payment discounts in industry shake-up

Megan Woods has announced the final response to the Electricity Price Review.

It's the first solar grid shared by businesses in New Zealand.

Way of the future: NZ's first solar grid shared by local businesses

It will mean big savings on power bills.

Three fuel companies are being asked to front up millions in infrastructure investment.

Report into fuel pipeline fiasco reveals flawed supply system

"The consumers are going to have to pay for the improved resilience of the system."

Watch: Could hydrogen-powered cars soon take over New Zealand roads?

The 'odourless, tasteless' element that could save us from fossil fuel

It's being considered as an alternative to fuelling vehicles.

Watch: Energy and Resources Minister Megan Woods discusses the ICCC's recommendations.

How the 100 percent clean energy goal could hit consumers

The ICCC says gas availability could keep downward pressure on electricity prices.

Cameron Burrows.

Watch: The ways you can trim your power bill

Power companies have helped launch an education programme for consumers.

More and more families are put under financial pressure over the winter months.

How to save money on your winter power bill

There some are cost-free ways for everyone to save money.

Watch: The Prime Minister, Energy Minister and Opposition leader share their views on mining permits.

Waikato coal exploration permit branded hypocritical

Simon Bridges says it's another example of the Government "failing to deliver".

Parliament has scrapped the idea of going solar powered.

Parliament scraps idea of going solar powered

Parliament precinct will remain on the main grid.

The NZ Government ruled out new permits for offshore oil and gas exploration last year.

Fracking-like process caused massive earthquake - study

Dozens were injured in the tremor which had a man-made cause.

James Young-Drew, Generation Zero's Zero Carbon Act policy lead, spoke to Newshub.

Where the Government will launch its 'clean energy centre'

The centre will explore emerging energy options such as hydrogen and solar.

Donald Trump imitates the sound of a windmill: "Reaow, reaow!"

Watch: Trump falsely claims windmills cause cancer

He's baffled medical professionals.

Coal power

Renewables overtake coal in Germany

Solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric generation accounts for more than 40 percent of production.

Increases as high as 25 cents per litre are about to hit your wallet.

Caltex apologises for Otago fuel mix-up

Customers at the Milton station were left with the wrong type of fuel.


Dunedin power company closes citing 'volatile market', high power prices

Wholesale energy prices are four times higher than usual.

Solar panels were deemed too expensive for Kiwibuild homes.

Solar panels weren't considered for Kiwibuild

Housing Minister Phil Twyford says it's too expensive, but it could happen soon.

Megan Woods on Newshub Nation.

Truckies protest fuel prices, taxes

Around 200 RNB Transport trucks will convey from Silverdale into the CBD in protest on Monday.

Megan Woods on Newshub Nation.

Govt 'trying to close down people's voice' on oil and gas - National

People were given only two weeks to have their say on changes to the Crown Minerals Act.

Low-income people should pay less for power, says a poverty advocate.

Meridian boss opens up on 'unfair' industry practices

The company has made changes following a Government review.