Energy Sector News

Coal power

Renewables overtake coal in Germany

Solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectric generation accounts for more than 40 percent of production.

Increases as high as 25 cents per litre are about to hit your wallet.

Caltex apologises for Otago fuel mix-up

Customers at the Milton station were left with the wrong type of fuel.


Dunedin power company closes citing 'volatile market', high power prices

Wholesale energy prices are four times higher than usual.

Solar panels were deemed too expensive for Kiwibuild homes.

Solar panels weren't considered for Kiwibuild

Housing Minister Phil Twyford says it's too expensive, but it could happen soon.

Megan Woods on Newshub Nation.

Truckies protest fuel prices, taxes

Around 200 RNB Transport trucks will convey from Silverdale into the CBD in protest on Monday.

Megan Woods on Newshub Nation.

Govt 'trying to close down people's voice' on oil and gas - National

People were given only two weeks to have their say on changes to the Crown Minerals Act.

Low-income people should pay less for power, says a poverty advocate.

Meridian boss opens up on 'unfair' industry practices

The company has made changes following a Government review.

The cost of electricity has skyrocketed since reforms to the sector three decades ago.

How a Kiwi company received an $18,481 energy bill

New Zealand's lack of "back-billing" rules has been highlighted.


Going off the grid still an expensive option

It says interest-free loans would be extremely helpful.

Megan Woods speaks to The AM Show.

Wait and see what Govt will do about power costs - Woods

The Energy Minister admits electricity is becoming unaffordable.

Watch: A Newshub story on the Government report into energy.

Wood burners could be solution to NZ's energy woes - expert

An energy analyst says it could help us reach 100 percent renewable energy.

Mark Mitchell and James Shaw on The AM Show.

Gas deal shows fossil fuel fearmongering a 'total lie' - Shaw

Taranaki's biggest gas user has signed a new deal to stay in the region - for now.

Megan Woods on Newshub Nation.

Exploration ban: Minister defends lack of cost-benefit analysis

"We don't know what's under the ground... You've actually got to have numbers to calculate."

The Government wants a 30-year phasing out of fossil fuels.

Oil workers can't get mortgages thanks to ban - National

National wants to reverse the Government's move to ban future exploration permits.


Taxpayers to shell out millions to highest-earning superannuitants

David Seymour is coming down hard on the revelations.

Megan Woods wasn't convinced after an urgent meeting with BP about pricing tactics.

Petrol market is 'broken' - Megan Woods

The Energy Minister wasn't convinced by BP after an urgent meeting about pricing tactics.

Simon Bridges on The AM Show.

'No question there will be jobs gone' over drilling ban

"You mark my words," Simon Bridges told The AM Show.

Duncan Garner gives his thoughts on The AM Show.

Oil and gas ban 'death sentence' for Taranaki - Garner

It's "big and bold", but it might also be a blunder, according to the host of The AM Show.

Color image of an old window with rotten wood and mold on it, inside an older home, during winter.

Children and Māori hit hard as working poor miss out on Winter Payment

40 percent of children living in hardship will not be eligible, Treasury says.


Carbon emissions keep rising

The head of the International Energy Agency says current emissions efforts are 'far from sufficient'.