Kiwi secrets of KFC revealed

  • 15/08/2017

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a Kiwi KFC? A Reddit user claiming to be a former Auckland KFC manager has revealed what allegedly goes on behind the scenes in a blistering Reddit AMA.

User Daivestephen opened up on Monday, keen to reveal all. But Kiwis had more prosaic concerns than the secret herbs and spices recipe.

Here are the best Q and As.

How can KFC run out of chicken?

"Manager not ordering enough or sales being higher than it was this time last year. A store usually runs out of product when the demand is higher than the stock available that's how it works," Daivestephen said.

"Stock arrives on Tuesday so stock is low Sunday and Monday."

Do you still spit in the fryers to see if they are hot enough?

"Nah they upgraded with fryers that say the temperature haha," they replied.

Why is the thickshake machine always broken?

"It's usually cleaned on Monday nights after 9pm. Any other time it's actually broken down and it takes management ages to fix it. Or drive thru queues are too long and we can't be f**ked."

Do you guys dilute drinks a lot? I've always noticed that the drinks at K-fry taste a bit weaker than at other fast-food places.

"Nah. Post mix machines are just properly not maintained store to store."

Why is every KFC so woefully understaffed?

"The shifts are always poorly planned. People call in sick all the time."

Recorded greetings in the drive through - do managers really think we are stupid and that we can't tell the difference?


Why don't you guys do Hot 'n Spicy all year round?

"It's just marketing schemes so we have hot and spicy over winter and increase demand."

What exactly is PLU170W for? Gives a free large side and a friend who works there told me about it. Every time I've ordered it I get confused looks then they don't ask for a coupon.

"I haven't seen a KFC till since October last year lol. PLU50 gives you a buy one get one free Twister I remember."

KFC responds:

"There are a number of incorrect claims made in a recent Reddit AMA thread around KFC food safety, quality and pest control that are unfair to current KFC staff and management," a Restaurant Brands spokesperson says.

"KFC has an excellent food safety record, due to strict procedures and systems. Each KFC store is audited five times a year, both internally and externally. KFC's internal food safety standards are even more stringent than the external standards we have to meet.

"There are no pest issues with cockroaches or mice like those described at any KFC stores currently. The restaurants are constantly audited to make sure that pests are not able to enter the stores and there are specially designed features in our stores to stop pests getting in.

"All chicken arrives at KFC store fresh six days a week, from field to fork in less than 48 hours. The chicken is prepared and cooked according to customer demand. It is cooked from fresh by trained cooks who have undertaken food safety hygiene certification.

"As a food company we always want to hear from our customers if they have any feedback or concerns about our products or service."