'This can't be real' - Auckland man's fury with police after alleged kidnapper let loose

Mission Bay in Auckland was the scene of an alleged kidnapping.
Mission Bay in Auckland was the scene of an alleged kidnapping. Photo credit: Getty

An Auckland man is bewildered police released what appeared to be a "methed-out" drug dealer he says kidnapped him and a friend on Friday night.

He says after police questioned the alleged offender, they left him waiting outside the station for the pair he had allegedly just kidnapped.

The man in his twenties, who wanted to be known only as 'James', detailed his ordeal in a lengthy post on popular internet forum Reddit.

He claims that he and his friend were in a car parked near Mission Bay when another car "full of very dodgy looking gangsters" pulled up.

After a bit of light banter, James says one of the "gangsters" put his arm through the gap between the car roof and the window and managed to unlock the door.

"He grabs the keys and pulls them out of the ignition - As soon as he has the keys, he starts saying how that was a BIG mistake, a 'big, big mistake'. Starts saying how he was Mongrel Mob (or Black Power, can't remember which) and that this was all his now, gesturing at the car."

James and his friend soon found themselves on their way to the CBD, with the mystery aggressor behind the wheel.

"I am running a million different situations through my head. Is he even going to take us to town? Is he going to crash and kill me and my friend? I am fearing for my life every second."

Once in the CBD they managed to attract the attention of a police officer. When the car stopped, James and his friend ran to safety, shouting for help as they went.

They all ended up back at the central police station - James and his friend giving statements, the alleged offender for processing. By the time the paperwork was done, it was around 4am on Saturday.

But what happened next, James says he is still struggling to comprehend.

"[The alleged kidnapper] was standing in the middle of the street when we came out."

"Me and my friend quickly run to the front doors of the station and frantically start banging on the doors. My detective is still in the lobby. They come out, and all I can say is, 'Are you for f**king real?' They seemed barely even concerned about it.

"I was furious. Shaking. I can't believe it. This f**king dude has given me the worst night of my life, literally kidnapped me, and he's out on the street before I can even finish my statement - waiting for me?"

And just as unbelievable, James says, is the fact that so far, his alleged kidnapper has only been charged with unlawfully entering a motor vehicle.

"That's all he got charged with. This guy was visibly pinging on meth. I'm talking like, a grandma who doesn't even know what someone on meth looks like would be like, 'What's wrong with that guy?' Let alone a cop that deals with meth-heads every day.

"I feel like I'm in a nightmare and this can't be real ... I'm in shock that somebody can kidnap somebody and they are released before the victims."

Police confirmed to Newshub a 22-year-old had been arrested and charged with unlawfully getting into a motor vehicle in relation to the incident, in which two men said they had been kidnapped.

"As this matter is before the courts, police are unable to discuss specific details but enquiries are continuing," said Detective Sergeant Glenn Baldwin.

The police did not comment on James' claims of what happened afterwards.

James says he's dreamed of nothing else since the ordeal, and it's dented his confidence about going out at night.

"It was my anniversary yesterday and the plan was to park up under a cool spot I've been to many times under the Harbour Bridge, look out over the water and have an in-car picnic with my girlfriend. That was meant to be happening last night - we didn't do that last night."

James says he plans to lay a formal complaint with police.

Police say further charges may still follow against the 22-year-old.