Glimpses of Neve as Jacinda Ardern shares 'new appreciation' for mums

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern took to Facebook on Sunday afternoon to share her admiration for mothers, while also showing viewers a glimpse of baby Neve.

Rocking Neve's cradle with her feet, the Prime Minister said her five weeks as mother has reinforced for her the incredible role mothers play.

"What a new appreciation you get for mums after you have your own," said Ms Ardern.

She said other parents won't be surprised that any sense of routine she and partner Clarke Gayford previously had had been thrown out the window, and her multi-tasking skills had been put to the test.

"I can hear now a chorus of parents laughing at the suggestion that you would ever have a routine with a five-week-old baby, but we're doing really well nonetheless."

She also specially thanked her own mother as well as Mr Gayford's, who had spent a couple of weeks helping out after she returned home from hospital.

Ms Ardern said she was extremely grateful for all the gifts she had received from members of the public while on maternity leave, reminding her how "generous and wonderful Kiwis are".

One of the gifts was a hand-knitted blanket she believed was made from possum fur. It had various symbols knitted into it like a hook - a nod to her fishing father - and a Matariki reference.

During the live video, Neve can be heard squealing in the background, while in one shot her head is visible.

It is expected Ms Ardern will return to Parliament in just over a week.