Kiwi group gears up for World Unicycling Championships in South Korea

A group of talented Kiwis are proving unicycles aren't just for circus performers.

The team of six are taking their skills overseas, and preparing to compete at the World Unicycling Championships in South Korea.

Rider Chris Huriwai says the group definitely isn't clowning around.

"I think people judge a book by its cover and they should probably look more into it," he told Newshub.

Mr Huriwai started riding after spotting a unicycle at The Warehouse when he was just 13, and was excited by the prospect of being the "only kid at the skate park with a unicycle."

He said he thought that was "pretty cool" and got "addicted to it". Since then, he's been grinding and jumping his way across the skate park, and onto the world stage.

This weekend, Mr Huriwai and his team mate Tony Melton will be heading to South Korea for what they call the "Olympics of Unicycling".

"I've been to I think three or four world championships," he said. "The first was in New Zealand, and then Montreal, Spain and Italy - some of the places I've been."

Mr Huriwai has won gold three times and hopes to add to his collection this year. He says the championships consist of trials and competitions, testing competitors' ability to jump on fences and pallets.

Mr Melton, who's been to five world champs, likes to take things off-road, competing in mountain unicycle events to test his endurance with road-riding.  

"There's a 10 kilometre race, a 42 kilometre race and also the last race of the competition is a 100 kilometre race."

Mr Melton spends most days training, but says for anyone wanting to follow in his tracks to expect "a lot of falling off when you're learning. For most people it does take a few hours to master the basics".

But unlike a bicycle, there are no training wheels here. He says if you don't get it straight away, just keep on rolling.