Pizza Hut caught in 'disgusting' cleaning scandal

  • 10/08/2018

Pizza Hut has been called out online for its "nasty" food safety practises after a store was caught washing used pans outside next to dumpsters.

Reddit user 'S3w3ll' shared a photo showing the large greasy stack on the ground next to the rubbish bins.

"Pizza Hut area manager says that this is okay," they wrote.

"Hot pans being doused in water next to dumpsters and in a public area."

The image drew immediate ire from the public, who called out Pizza Hut's "disgusting" actions.

"That stack looks nasty, Pans should not be stacked outside by rubbish," one person said.

"Wtf don't they have an underpaid minion to wash these properly in a sink?" another commented.

"And what about the lack of hot water and cleaning substances?"

A Pizza Hut spokesperson says the store failed to follow proper cleaning procedures and has been reprimanded for their actions.

"Pizza Hut has a strict process for the deep cleaning of our pans. This process was not adhered to in the photo shown in the Reddit thread, and the team involved has been spoken to and reminded of proper cleaning processes," they told Newshub.

"The pans shown in these images were rewashed properly and thoroughly sterilised before being used again."