NZ weather: Two lows set to bring 'severe' conditions over next few days

  • 16/09/2018

A pair of major weather systems are set to bring an end to the early Spring sunshine much of the country has been enjoying over the last few days.

A low with fronts and a subtropical low are expected to strike at the same time, bringing possible severe weather for parts of New Zealand in the coming days.

MetService is currently forecasting a low with associated fronts that will bring strong, blustering winds and potentially heavy rain over the South Island on Sunday.

Southland is expected to bear the full brunt of the torrential weather system, but Fiordland and Westland are also set to be hammered. The bottom half of South Island has been told to brace for "very cold air" and watch for heavy snow in the region.

That low will then move slowly across the South Island during Monday and Tuesday.

At the same time, a subtropical low is expected to move across the east of the North Island, bringing rain that may bring further warnings in Auckland, the Coromandel Peninsula, and parts of Gisborne.

A heavy snow watch is also in place for regions in the southern half of the South Island, with road snow warnings also in place.