Kindergarten has $5000 of playground equipment stolen

A kindergarten in south Auckland has had $5000 of playground equipment stolen overnight.

Teachers at Small Kauri Early Childhood Education Centre in Mangere Bridge arrived at work on Thursday morning to find parts of their beloved playground equipment missing.

The slide had been dug from the ground, a climbing wall was gone, and other equipment including yellow monkey bars and picnic tables were nowhere to be seen.

Linda Petrenko, owner of the centre said it was "really disheartening" and a "tragedy".

"It's an undermining of what we do for the community and it's stealing from children."

She said it would have taken a couple of people to dig up the slide and move all the other equipment.

In a Facebook post, the Childcare centre said it hoped someone "reconsiders what they have done and returns our slide and everything".

Ms Petrenko said the cost to replace the equipment could be up to $5000 and on top of that, police said cameras should be installed at the childcare centre.