'Stay safe': Nelson firefighters heartfelt message to public

A Nelson firefighter has issued a heartfelt message thanking the public for their support during the hectic outbreak of Tasman fires. 

Rob Appleton, an officer at the Nelson Fire Station, posted the message on Facebook saying how grateful firefighters are for the help. 

"I just wanted to personally thank everybody for their offers of assistance, messages of support, offering up their time, food water supplies all of their own back. It really is appreciated, we thank you for your support and we're really heartened by it," he says. 

He encouraged people to continue to check the Civil Defence social media pages for the latest information and most importantly to stay safe. 

"I want everybody to stay safe, keep supporting our team because we need it at the moment.

"Be patient, it's going to be a campaign job, a long drawn out job and we are doing our best... once again thanks so much for your support take care."

Emergency services are still battling the raging inferno that broke out in Pigeon Valley on Tuesday. 

Earlier on Friday, 1200 people from 240 homes were evacuated from Wakefield as a precautionary measure to protect residents from fires in the area.

With tinder dry conditions there are concerns the situation could worsen.