Woman who urinated on bus to Six60 concert 'begged driver' to let her off - witness

The woman who urinated on a public bus on the way to a Six60 concert in Auckland "begged" the driver to let her off before relieving herself in front of stunned passengers, a witness says.

Footage of the incident shared to Facebook by Alcar Meano generated widespread shock, and New Zealand Police say she could now face a fine of up to $200 for urinating in public.

But the witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Newshub the woman made it very clear to the driver that "she had to get off the bus or she would wet her pants".

"She asked the female driver several times, even saying that she didn't have to pull over, just open the doors for her to get out - but the driver refused," the witness said.

The bus was almost stationary at the time, they added.

"We were outside MOTAT, which is right next to Western Springs Stadium [where the concert was held], and the traffic wasn't even moving," she said.

"People were walking past the bus faster than we were moving, so it wouldn't have been hard to let her out. I was a bit confused why [the driver] couldn't just open the doors."

After her desperate pleas to be let off fell on deaf ears, the woman squatted in the aisle and urinated on the floor. The witness says the moment was "disgusting".

"Everyone walking past was shocked at what they were seeing - pointing, laughing, yelling at the girl that she should be ashamed," she recounted.

"Absolutely it was disgusting, and everyone had to walk through it to get off. The intoxicated girl was the first one to run off the bus despite stating she would clean it up."

The witness says she feels "failed as a woman" after seeing the incident first-hand - especially as the driver was female.

"Sometimes you can't just 'hold it' like everyone is saying she should have."

However Auckland Transport, who on Sunday described the incident as "not acceptable", said the woman is responsible for her own actions.

"There was a bus every five minutes - the passenger made the decision to get on the bus," a media spokesperson told Newshub.

"This was a 10-minute trip from the city to Western Springs. It was a special event bus, no stops."


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