All Kiwis, men and women, invited to wear a headscarf on Friday

New Zealanders are being encouraged to make a very simple gesture of support for our Muslim communities grieving the loss of 50 lives in Friday's terror attack in Christchurch.

The Headscarf for Harmony movement will take place on Friday and everyone's encouraged to take part.

"It's a simple invitation to the whole of New Zealand to show our support, but also to recognise our grief as New Zealanders," Thaya Ashman, Mt Eden GP and event organiser told The AM Show.

Men and women are encouraged to take part, Ashman says, and any colour scarf, worn on the head or shoulders, is welcome.

"It's choosing to move towards each other, to recognise our similarities, to not actively look for difference but to actively look to live in harmony together," Ashman says.

The movement has support from the Islamic Women's Council and the New Zealand Muslim Association, she says.

"They're so appreciative of the gesture, the recognition and the support," Ashman adds.

Ashman spent time volunteering as a doctor in Afghanistan and has a long-standing affinity with Muslim communities.

Photos can be shared on social media using the hashtag #headscarfforharmony.