Christchurch Terror Attack - Back to back funerals for the victims

The funerals continued constantly throughout Thursday, run back to back, at a mass burial site prepared at a Christchurch cemetery.

The media has been invited to film respectfully from a distance, and the mourners are showing remarkable strength and humility, in the face of so much hate.

The funerals ran one after another, a river of mourners, flooding through Christchurch's Memorial Park for a second day.

At 10:30am the first procession, burying 14-year-old Cashmere High School student Sayyad Milne and 24-year-old footballer Tariq Omar. 

Muhammed Akbulut, a mourner, says the strength shown has been impressive.

"You would think that given the circumstances people would be a lot more down, but surprisingly there's a lot of strength,"

High school students donning hijab out of respect, while police officers did the same at the gate - rifles in hand. 

The Islamic funeral prayer Salat calling out.

The bodies, washed and covered in cloth, carried by the entire community.

Tariq remembered as a kind man, as his friends recalled

"He was really nice, friends with everyone, one of those kind of people you know  always had a smile on his face,"

Sayyad , as someone who made those around him happy.

"He was a beautiful - humble, kind hearted boy who loved soccer, never had a hard word to say about anyone."

Eight people are being buried today including 65 year old kiwi convert Linda Armstrong, who used her body to shield others at the Linwood Mosque. 

During the funerals the prayers continued, honouring those who lost their lives. 

Muslims young and old, who made their home here in New Zealand, buried together as one.