Christchurch terror attack: More funerals, vigils to take place on Thursday

More burials and vigils will be held for the victims of the Christchurch terror attack on Thursday.

Fifty people were killed when a gunman opened fire in the Deans Ave and Linwood Ave mosques on Friday, March 15.

All autopsies have been completed, and 30 bodies have been approved to be released back to families.

Twenty-nine people injured in the attack remain in hospital, eight in a critical condition.

A Syrian father and son were the first to be buried. Their funeral was held on Wednesday.

Nasib Mohammed from Sydney attended the service, and will also attend the funeral for highly regarded Fijian Imam Hafiz Musa Patel in Auckland on Thursday.

"It's… easy for people all over the world Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, the islands, Canada, the US to join us," he told Newshub.

Mohammed flew over from Australia despite not knowing any of the victims, and has met some of the survivors in hospital. He said he's honoured to be part of the services and is praying for them.

"We believe these people who lost their lives are martyrs. We're lucky to be able to participate in the… services."

He also said he's shocked by the outpouring of love from the community towards those affected by the shootings.

"It is absolutely amazing, I don't have words to describe support for us."

Thursday evening will see thousands of mourners gather in Dunedin and Christchurch to mark for the shooting.

Churches of all denominations are gathering in Christchurch's Latimer Square at 6pm.

Meanwhile Dunedin's vigil has moved to Forsyth Barr Stadium due to the overwhelming numbers interested in attending. Mayor Dave Cull said up to 20,000 people are expected.

"When we looked at the number of students and academic staff who are having a vigil immediately before the civic one, we thought we may be overwhelmed by the numbers."

Cull said the whole city is in mourning.

"The general feeling was… across the country just shock, outrage, revulsion and then it turned to support."

He's also terrified by the fact Dunedin could have been the target. The gunman lived in Dunedin before carrying out the attack in Christchurch.

"We're outraged that someone could come from outside a city, attracted by the fact that we're a really inclusive city, and someone tries to exploit that."

The Dunedin vigil will begin at 8pm on Thursday.