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Terrorism expert Chris Wilson and Islamic community leader Aliya Danzeisen on The AM Show.

GCSB and Corrections urged to hire experts in alt-right extremism right away

"This isn't a place where people should be learning on the job."

Liam Strickland appeared in court on Saturday.

Nabbed fugitives to appear in court

One allegedly rammed a police car and stole their guns, the other accused of a fatal hit-and-run.


Christchurch hit-and-run suspect arrested

The 21-year-old had been on the run since last Wednesday.


Watch: International Space Station caught on film by Christchurch man

Jono Townsend managed to catch a rare glimpse.

Collins and Jackson on The AM Show.

Can't blame Davis for Corrections' mistake - Jackson

He's the minister, but he's not "sitting there okaying" the release of offensive letters, the Labour MP says.


Mark Richardson, Duncan Garner both receiving unwanted letters from convicts

The AM Show hosts say they have asked Corrections to stop the mail, but nothing has changed


A failure of leadership allowed alleged Christchurch shooter to spread hate

On that basis, Corrections minister and CEO are in the firing line, writes Duncan Garner.

Watch: Corrections CEO Christine Stevenson on The AM Show.

'How dare they?': Accused Christchurch gunman's mother blasts 4chan

"They have taken away the right from me to hear from my son."

Watch: Christine Stevenson on The AM Show.

Corrections boss won't say she'll resign if more extremist mail gets out

"Let's cross that bridge if it happens."

The letter by the accused Christchurch shooter containing a call to action.

Accused Christchurch gunman's conditions in jail revealed

Daily news, visitors and exercise are included.

Supporters of the National Socialist Movement, a white nationalist political group, give Nazi salutes.

Social media 'actively laying groundwork' to turn boys into white supremacists

"Nobody seems to notice this happening."

Watch: Examples of letters that Corrections should have stopped.

Letters from Arps, Harris and Baker that Corrections should have stopped

Hate speech, threats and chilling requests fill paper from prison.

Watch: The Prime Minister responded to revelations that the alleged Christchurch shooter was able to send several letters from prison to supporters.

Alleged mosque shooter 'needs to be stopped spreading his hate' - PM

The Prime Minister is continuing to not speak his name.

Watch: A man who lost his son in the mosque shooting speaks to media outside court.

'It's something very dangerous': Man who lost son responds to alleged shooter's letter

Brenton Tarrant sent a six-page letter to a man in Russia from Auckland Prison.

Watch: Kelvin Davis says Brenton Tarrant will no longer be allowed to send or receive mail.

4chan furious at alleged Christchurch shooter's prison mail ban

Brenton Tarrant's supporters are trying to get his letter-writing privileges reinstated.


Mosque attack trial could be moved out of Christchurch

Brenton Tarrant was not present in the High Court on Thursday.


Corrections staff total buffoons for sending alleged Christchurch gunman's fan mail

It's amateur hour in New Zealand's prisons, writes Duncan Garner.

The letter should not have been sent, Corrections admits.

Kelvin Davis showing 'disdain' for Christchurch victims - National

But an expert in far-right radicals says it's Corrections that has made a mistake.

Watch: Brenton Tarrant was able to send letters from prison.

'This cannot happen again': PM and minister condemn accused Christchurch shooter's letter

Brenton Tarrant was allowed to send the letter to someone in Russia.


Alleged Christchurch shooter sent letter with potential 'call to action' from prison

Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis says he is "angry" at his department's failure.