Christchurch terror attack: Victim Support 'overwhelmed' by donations, volunteers need gas money

Victim Support is "overwhelmed" by the support shown by New Zealanders in the wake of the Christchurch attack, but other groups say they need more help

Victim Support CEO Kevin Tso told The AM Show the charity did not think donations would reach the $6.6 million raised so far when it began fundraising.

"We were hoping for $100,000 or $200,000 to help with those contributions to the families' cost.

"We've just been absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of people in New Zealand and communities around the world."

He said the money would be going directly to the victims for whatever they need.

"As you can imagine each individual, each family has different needs and we're being as generous as we can to ensure that their needs are actually met."

Volunteer Negeen Sanaei said her group has done its best with the resources available to support the affected families.

"In regards to funds... it's not specifically [Victim Support] funds, it's just having some petty cash [so]... we can get food for the people, we can get taxis, we can get vehicles, we can do things immediately.

"Because this is a fluid situation and it doesn't stay the same so we need to be able to move quickly and do our best."

Sanaei said donations of perishable foods have been great, but what has been very helpful is vouchers for food and petrol.

But what the families want most is a person who can keep them updated on what's going on.

"I've first hand seen the impact that lack of communication has had for them."