Christchurch shooting suspect to appear in court

There'll be strict rules in place around Friday's court appearance of the alleged Christchurch gunman.

Media won't be allowed to film the 28-year-old Australian, take photos inside court, nor record audio.

He'll face 50 charges of murder and 39 of attempted murder.

AUT law professor Kris Gledhill says the individual charges will mean a longer trial - but there are benefits.

"It allows all the families of all the victims of having the satisfaction of seeing the evidence, and if it leads on to the verdict of guilty, [seeing] that verdict in relation to their loved ones."

While terrorism charges could still be brought, he says there would be little point.

"A terrorism charge would add to the length of the trial without necessarily adding anything to the sentencing powers that would be available to the judge."

The suspect's appearance is likely to be brief and largely procedural. Gledhill says there are all sorts of things that need to be sorted out.

"There will be a series of procedural meetings with the judge talking to the lawyers for the prosecution, and with input from the defendant, just to see what has to be done before this matter can be brought on for trial."

The accused will appear via video link.


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