'Love and solidarity': Posters against racism hit Christchurch streets

Posters promoting inclusion and shaming racism have appeared around Christchurch city.

Against Racism Otautahi (ARO) have taken to the streets with the posters - "no room for racism here" being the motto.

In a Facebook post, ARO said the posters are pasted throughout Christchurch and New Zealand.

People depicted in the posters say they're unfairly treated because of their colour.

"My first day of uni, during intros, the tutor walks over and touches my skin," one poster depicting Christchurch woman Neha says.

"She looks at me, and says, 'wow you're so dark! Surely you don't need to tan in summer?" the 34-year-old says.

Another depicting 22-year-old Alofa says: "Once, my brothers and I were playing at Sydenham park, some guys with shaved heads started coming toward us and saying some racist stuff".

Aroha, 38, says a man once started hitting on her and asked where she was from.

"When I told him I was from New Zealand and was part Maori, he was disappointed saying he thought I was Tahitian and that he wouldn't let any of his kids go out with a Maori," the poster depicting her says.

ARO's Facebook post says the posters are real stories of real people "who call Christchurch home".