Mosque abuser says his mental health is to blame for racist tirade

A man who was arrested for hurling racial abuse at worshipers outside the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch has apologised profusely, after admitting his guilt in court.

Daniel Tuapawa blamed his mental health for the tirade, which terrified mosque-goers after last month's tragic mass shooting.

Covering his face in shame, Christchurch man Daniel Tuapawa facing the media after admitting to his racist tirade.

"I'm very sorry and I'm getting myself fixed for this," he said.

"I just have blackouts and that I'm f***ing very sorry, I'm so sorry about that,"

The 33-year-old former truck driver entered a guilty plea to a charge of disorderly behaviour likely to incite violence, in the Christchurch District Court.

Police say he swore repeatedly outside the mosque while wearing a Trump in New Zealand T-shirt, suggesting Muslims were terrorists and should leave the country.

Police on guard at the scene initially failed to arrest Tuapawa .

Canterbury's top cop John Price now admits they could have handled it better and has ordered an internal review of their response. 

On the way to Friday prayer worshipers were charitable, humbly accepting the abuser's apology, offering forgiveness and even inviting him into the mosque.

Tuapawa has requested restorative justice where he could apologise in person.

"I would say I'm very sorry and I would shake their hand to show how sorry I am," he said.

The Muslim community, yet again, is showing an extraordinary ability to respond to hate with love.



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