'Ninety percent of our membership is in the closet': Flat Earthers in their own words

Some of the biggest names in Flat Earth theory have travelled to New Zealand to challenge what we've been taught about the universe.

Netflix documentary Behind the Curve prompted a global spike in interest in the movement, and its star, Mark Sargent, has flown in from the US to attend Auckland's Flat Earth Expo.

He told Newshub there are millions of Flat Earthers around the world just like him.

"Ninety percent of our membership is in the closet," he says. "I kind of treat it like the old movie Fight Club, which was the first rule of 'flat club' is you do not talk about flat club, and it's very true, you have to choose your audience wisely."

Over the weekend he spoke to a safe audience in which everyone shared his belief we don't live on a globe.

"I mean, you don't feel like you're spinning 1600km an hour, do you?" expo organiser Adrienne Morrison says.

Flat Earthers think the world is flat and the sun moves in circles around the North Pole to create day and night.

But Flat Earth International Conference founder Robbie Davidson says the movement is dogged by laughable misconceptions.

"No one believes that we can fall over the edge, and we're not a pancake flying in space."

He says that would be ridiculous. So what do Flat Earthers believe?

"One of the main models is that we're a flat stationary Earth with a dome over top, and that the sun, moon and stars and everything that we see in the sky is contained inside."

At the core of their belief is quite simply that the world looks flat from their perspective.

"Things that go off into the distance like a boat, eventually you should not be able to see them," Sargent says. "They should be behind the curve, on the other side of the hill. With long distance photography, especially with HD, we can now see those things."

When it comes to pictures from space, they believe NASA and other agencies are involved in a conspiracy - and that they've never even been to space.

In a world of differing opinions, one thing's true: they flat out deny the Earth is round.