'Three youths' abandon car in Auckland's busy Waterview Tunnel, walk out on foot

Waterview Tunnel.
Waterview Tunnel. Photo credit: Newshub.

Three people have been apprehended by police after they abandoned their car in a busy Auckland motorway tunnel.

At around 2pm on Wednesday, tunnel operators called police after a car stopped just short of the end of the Waterview Tunnel, and three people got out.

A witness told Newshub the group looked "like children".

However a New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) spokesperson told Newshub they weren't, instead describing the trio as "youths."

The three ran out of the tunnel and were caught by police, the spokesperson said.

Police have since confirmed they apprehended all three youths, and say they are currently speaking with those involved.

One lane of the tunnel was temporarily shut down while the vehicle was removed.

The abandoned vehicle has been pushed out of the tunnel and towed, and all three lanes are open.

NZTA says all traffic is now flowing normally.