Grisly details of Petone decapitation revealed in Wellington court

Warning: contains graphic content.

Horrific details of the beheading of a man in Petone have emerged in the Wellington High Court.

71-year-old Francis Tyson was murdered and decapitated by his neighbour, Eugene Baker in November.

Baker appeared in the Wellington High Court on Thursday.

A summary of facts provided by the court shows the 42-year-old wandered around the apartment complex after the murder, telling people he had killed his victim, but not to worry as he would clean up the scene in a few days.

Baker lived opposite Tyson in the Jackson Street flat, a Housing New Zealand apartment building.

Francis Tyson, wearing a high vis shirt and looking at the camera
Francis Tyson Photo credit: Facebook

Both men dealt synthetic cannabis out of their homes.

Baker had been told he was being evicted, and believed Tyson was to blame, accusing him of being a "narc".

A text message sent from Baker to Tyson foreshadowed the horrendous attack that would take place.

"The nxt [sic] time you and I come head to head game over...!!!"

The morning of November 30, 2018, Baker began to move his things out of the apartment complex, while verbally abusing Tyson, calling him a "nark".

He then slashed all four of Tyson's tyres. 

Eugene Baker in the Wellington High Court
Eugene Baker in the Wellington High Court Photo credit: Newshub.

Later that evening, Tyson returned home and told residents he had synthetic cannabis, and would be ready to sell it soon.

Then the horror began.

Baker grabbed a large kitchen knife, and followed Tyson to his home. He intimidated the boarder who lived in the flat and broke in.

When Tyson refused to hand over the drugs he had bought, Baker stabbed him five times in the chest. Baker then began to beat Tyson. The force of the blows was so strong; they could be heard from a neighbouring room.

Baker punched a hole through the bedroom door and continued to threaten the boarder hiding inside, telling him he needed to leave the flat, or he would watch as Baker decapitated his victim.

Tyson managed to raise his head and tell the boarder to leave, which he did.

Baker took the boarder's phone and keys, and told him to keep his mouth shut about what he had seen, or else he would be killed, too.

Baker followed the boarder out of the apartment, returning shortly after with a large, serrated bread knife. He beheaded the now deceased Tyson, and wrapped his head in a towel before putting it in a plastic bag.

Several residents of the flat grew concerned for Tyson's safety - they visited the scene and found his headless body. 

One woman began to run screaming through the complex but Baker pulled her inside his own apartment to try and calm her down.

He explained he had murdered Tyson, but not to worry because he would clean up the scene in a few days.

The residents who had found the body left the apartments, afraid for their own safety.

Baker then loitered around the housing complex, telling more residents he had killed Tyson, saying it was okay, and not to worry as the scene would be cleaned in a few days.

He also made reference to decapitating Tyson.

He then walked down Jackson Street, holding Tyson's head in the plastic bag and swinging it as he walked.

Police were called to the area at 10pm, and found Tyson's head in Baker's lounge, alongside a large quantity of synthetic cannabis.

Baker has been charged with murder, and faces a life sentence.