Police warn against 'unlawful' Auckland Harbour Bridge protest march

Police are warning organisers behind an "unlawful" planned protest march across Auckland's Harbour Bridge they will take "appropriate action" to shut it down.

The SkyPath Trust is demanding a walking and cycling path across the bridge. Police say they are aware the group plans to march across the Harbour Bridge on Sunday May 26 to raise awareness for their cause.

However police say no approval has been given for this event and anyone who marches poses "serious safety risks" to themselves, the public and other motorists.

"The priority for police is to ensure the safety of the public and road users," says Inspector Scott Webb, Road Policing Manager for Tamaki Makaurau.

"Should an attempt be made to unlawfully cross the bridge at any time, police will have no alternative but to take appropriate action."

Newshub spoke to SkyPath Trust project director Bevan Woodworth, who says he still encourages people to turn up to show NZTA it needs to get on with SkyPath.

"Yes, we are certainly going ahead," he says. "Whether we get to march over the bridge, that's what we'll be asking on the day. But if the police can not provide safe access, then we will not march onto the bridge."


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