Horrifying footage of reckless near-miss near Warkworth

A Kiwi driver was shocked by a reckless near-miss on Monday involving a truck and a bus on a New Zealand highway.

Horrifying footage, supplied to Newshub, shows a truck overtaking another on State Highway 1 near Warkworth, north Auckland.

As the truck overtakes another truck and trailer, a bus can be seen approaching from the opposite direction.

At the last minute, the overtaking truck is able to quickly dart out of the oncoming bus' way, avoiding a potentially fatal accident

"They're going to do a head-on," a woman in the video could be heard saying.

Newshub has contacted police for comment.

The person who filmed the near-miss, who did not wish to be named, expressed shock over the reckless incident.

Newshub has been told that, for whatever reason, the driver of the offending truck decided to overtake after a passing lane.

"The offending driver cut off the double-trailer truck so hard, so as to avoid a collision, that the double-trailer truck stalled going up the hill."


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