New Zealand left off world map designed to 'trigger' everyone

Kiwis love to hate it when New Zealand is left off a map, and it appears one online cartographer knows this too well.

A Reddit user has designed a new world map hoping to 'trigger' people from every country in the world. Canada is represented by the Stars and Stripes for example, while the UK flies the European Union flag and Japan - which recently resumed commercial whaling - is Greenpeace-green. 

And New Zealand is missing altogether.

"Hang on, aren't you missing New Z- ahhh..." wrote one Reddit user. 

"It's funny how the best way to trigger New Zealand is to not put them on a map," said another.

Nothing to see here. Photo credit: Reddit/ghastly42

Aotearoa's absence from world maps is a long-running joke. We're not on the United Nations map of the world that graces its logo, we can't be conquered in Risk because we're not there, and in February furniture chain Ikea apologised after selling a world map sans the land of the long white cloud

Last year Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern even starred in a Tourism NZ campaign making light of our hard-to-find status, and US comedian and TV host John Oliver suggested printing out images of New Zealand and attaching it to "any map that needs it".

We're not the only ones curiously absent from Reddit user ghastly42's map however. Wales appears to be subsumed into England - also likely a joke - and Poland once again has been swallowed by Germany. 

What angers Europe. Photo credit: Reddit/ghastly42

According to the map Australians are triggered by cliches like Fosters beer and the phrase 'G'day', while Tasmanians - which have a reputation for being inbred - are represented by Game of Thrones lovers Jon Snow and his aunty, Daenerys Targaryen.