Grace Millane murder trial: Timeline of Tinder date with accused

The jury in the murder trial of the man accused of killing British backpacker Grace Millane have been shown video revealing the young woman's movements and actions on the night of her death.

Through CCTV footage, the jury of seven women and five men have been able to see the moment Millane left the Base backpackers on the evening of December 1 right up to her entering the CityLife hotel with the man accused of killing her inside one of the rooms.

Other than a few periods where the pair could not be seen on camera, the footage covers the entire roughly four-hour-long time span. 

They would be some of the final hours of the 21-year-old's life.

Timeline of the evening of December 1:

5:11pm - The man accused of later murdering Millane enters the Bluestone Room bar, where he purchases several beers.

5:37 pm - Millane exits Base Backpackers on her way to see the man she previously had met on the dating application, Tinder.

5:40pm - The accused leaves the Bluestone Room bar.

5:43pm - Millane walks along Federal St in Auckland Central on her way to meet the man.

5:45pm - The young woman walks below the SkyTower, an area decorated with Christmas decorations. Several people are standing around looking at the festivities. Millane is using her phone. 

The accused turns up and initially appears to turn away before walking up to Millane. The pair hug and enter the SkyCity complex, where they go to have drinks at Andy's Burger Bar. Multiple alcoholic beverages were purchased at the establishment, but it's difficult to know who drunk exactly what.

The meeting.
The meeting. Photo credit: Supplied.

7:12pm - The pair leave the burger bar, move through the SkyCity complex and back out onto the Auckland streets. A camera at Goodtimes Cafe shows the pair crossing Victoria St West on their way to Mexican Cafe - their next stop.

7:16pm - Millane and the accused reach Mexican Cafe. They climb the stairs into the restaurant and speak briefly to the waitresses. The CCTV camera doesn't capture their time drinking at the establishment as they were on a balcony.

The pair at Mexican Cafe.
The pair at Mexican Cafe. Photo credit: Supplied.

8:24pm - The pair approach the cash register at the restaurant, where the accused pays. They then leave and walk along Albert St.

8:30pm - Millane and the accused reach their final stop - the Bluestone Room. Millane is asked for her ID by a bouncer before the pair enter the bar and purchase drinks.

8:37pm - They choose a table located in the outside entrance to the bar and sit down with their drinks. After a short amount of time, the pair kiss - something that would occur on several occasions throughout the evening. 

Between 8:30pm and 9:40pm, multiple drinks are purchased, including shots. Both Millane and the accused leave each other at the table at different points while they go inside. The accused at one stage picks up Millane's handbag and holds it for a moment. He looks inside before placing it back on the stool.

The pair at Bluestone Room.
The pair at Bluestone Room. Photo credit: Supplied.

9:40pm - The pair leave the Bluestone Room and walk to the CityLife hotel, During this, the accused has his arm around Millane. 

9:41pm - They enter the CityLife hotel, walk past reception and get into a lift. 

The pair in the CityLife hotel elevator.
The pair in the CityLife hotel elevator. Photo credit: Supplied.

The events past that point aren't captured on CCTV cameras and are the main point of dispute in the trial. 

The Crown alleges the man murdered Millane in a CityLife hotel apartment after placing sustained pressure on her neck. The Defence argues it was an accident after a form of consensual rough sex.