Christchurch's Orana Park welcomes adorable new baby giraffe

Kamili the giraffe has arrived at Christchurch's Orana Park after a mammoth journey from Perth in Western Australia 

The 20-month-old Kamilii was in a specially made crate and accompanied by her keeper Kaelene McKay.

The pair set out from Perth two weeks ago, and arrived on Monday. 

"It's a massive logistical challenge to move a giraffe especially because they so tall," McKay told Newshub.

The duo went on a 3500 kilometre journey by road to Melbourne across the arid Nullabor plain, then they boarded a ship bound for Auckland before heading to Lyttelton.

Kamilii's father made the same journey in reverse. 

"Her father Armani was born here at Orana Park and he travelled by boat and ended up at Perth Zoo," said McKay.

"And now I've brought his offspring and returned her by boat to Orana Park."

The Orana Park team is delighted with how their new arrival is settling in.

"After a few hours in the paddock it's like she's been here her whole life," said Orana Park Exotic Species Keeper, Rachael Mason.

Kamili the giraffe seems to be taking the long journey to her new home all in her very long stride. 


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