Love Grace New Zealand: Hundreds of handbags donated after successful launch

Last week, The Project launched their nationwide campaign in partnership with Women's Refuge and the family of Grace Millane.

Millane really loved handbags, and after her death her family decided to channel their grief into a project they say she would have approved of.

The 'Love Grace' charity they set up allows people to give handbags full of essentials to Women's Refuge - taking a tragedy and turning it into something with a lasting positive impact.

Since its launch, The Project has received hundreds of handbags from across New Zealand for the appeal.

"It's so incredible," The Project co-host Jesse Mulligan says.

"It's not like you're donating $5, every one of these bags is being filled up with essentials, a few luxuries and a whole lot of love."

The Love Grace appeal runs until Friday March 6.

Details of how to get involved and where your closest donation point is can be found here.