Disabled girl 'traumatised' after alleged bullying incident at school

A 12-year-old girl with a rare genetic disorder is severely distressed after an alleged bullying incident left her bitten and scratched.

Kiwi mum Kerri Arnold posted a video of her 12-year-old daughter Aalyha on social media. In the video Aalyha is tearful and upset.

"This is my daughter Aalyha and she's 12-years-old," Arnold says.

"She suffers from a rare disorder called Angelman Syndrome."

Angelman Syndrome is a complex genetic disorder which affects the nervous system. The characteristics include seizures, delayed development, intellectual disability and speech impairment.

Arnold says her daughter is "traumatised" after being attacked by another student at her North Island special education school. 

"This young boy has scratched her eye, bit the side of her face, scratched her arm and she's got scratches on her back.

"Aalyha is non-verbal. She's usually always happy. It pains me to see my little girl so upset."

Children with Angelman Syndrome usually have a cheerful, excitable disposition, according to the US National Library of Medicine. 

Arnold told NZME she hopes sharing the video will raise awareness about bullying.

"I am wanting to create a campaign or programme to educating our young children in regards to anti-bullying. Just like we have Harold the Giraffe and Ruben the Road Safety Bear."

"I am my daughter's voice and I will scream to be heard if need be. Bullying is not okay."