Lisa Lewis rages at 'bullying' Hannah Tamaki over anti-sex work 'hate attack'

A high-profile sex worker has blasted Destiny Church pastors Hannah and Brian Tamaki as "money-hungry" and "bullies" after they shared a series of social media posts targeting the sex industry.

Lisa Lewis, who came sixth in last year's Hamilton mayoralty race, says the Destiny Church founders are sharing misconceptions about the industry that could have a damaging impact on sex workers' mental health.

It comes after the pair on Thursday shared three posts between them taking aim at some forms of prostitution being allowed at alert level 2 while church services of more than 10 people are prohibited.

The Tamakis have been outspoken over the cap on religious gatherings, and are proceeding with plans to hold a full-scale Destiny Church service on Sunday - despite it going against legislation in the newly established COVID-19 Public Health Response Bill.

"Ok then, explain this .. so perversion is in.. and Church is more dangerous than causal sex (sic). get your head read. Labour you have lost the plot," Hannah Tamaki wrote in one Facebook post, sharing an article on changes to the sex industry at alert level 2.

In another, she shared a post that read: "If a sex worker turns 10 tricks a day minimum from 10 different bubbles that have been in different social environments that’s enough people to fill a church. Yet church is outlawed so who's getting screwed."

Lisa Lewis rages at 'bullying' Hannah Tamaki over anti-sex work 'hate attack'
Photo credit: Facebook / Hannah Tamaki

Brian Tamaki also reshared an article comparing the rules around attending strip clubs and churches.

But Lewis, who first rose to prominence after streaking at an All Blacks game in 2006, says their "hate attack" has been fuelled by a misunderstanding of how the sex industry has been running during lockdown.

She also suggests their eagerness to take aim at other industries may have come about as a result of their desire to fill Destiny Church's tithing baskets after months of being unable to gather as normal.

Lisa Lewis says the Tamakis have misunderstood the realities of the sex industry during COVID-19.
Lisa Lewis says the Tamakis have misunderstood the realities of the sex industry during COVID-19. Photo credit: The AM Show

"I know a lot of elderly that go to church and I just feel that it's selfish... You have to ask yourself why it's so urgent that they're all in the same room," she told Newshub.

"I could be selfish right now and creaming it. I could be making millions with none of the other girls working, but I don't think any country would put themselves in lockdown for nothing," she told Newshub.

"If everyone follows the rules, then we won't have any levels and alerts and lockdowns any more. I don't know why they can't just be online for now - it's their church [and] their decision, but if I ran a church I would never put my congregation at risk of something so dangerous."

As an asthmatic, Lewis is immuno-compromised and has had to take additional precautions to protect herself from coronavirus. This means she's had to rely on virtual means to make money and not had any sex in months, despite her line of work.

She says most sex workers played by the rules during the lockdown, and even at alert level 2 would be sticking to Government protocol by only offering the likes of peep shows, video chats and phone calls.

Earlier on Friday, Lewis was blocked on Facebook by Tamaki after writing her a letter explaining how her understanding of the sex industry during the coronavirus crisis was skewed.

Lewis, who grew up a Christian, says the Tamakis should have taken the time to learn what the sex industry looks like in this time before commenting, especially given their status within the Destiny Church community.

"Hannah Tamaki's probably having more sex than me, because I've had none," she told Newshub.

"I don't have any hate for Christians... that's their faith and their belief, my industry is now my belief - but I just think it's wrong to judge people for their life choices. You would expect they lead by example.

"I like the nice Hannah - I think [the Tamakis] do some nice things - but this is not a nice Hannah. I don't know if she's just not enjoying lockdown, but to be honest she should be happy - at least she's getting sex."