Magic Talk's Chang Hung in shock after masked man touches him, asks for 'punch up' during alleged racist confrontation

The man, who wore a mask, approached him and started touching his tattoos.
The man, who wore a mask, approached him and started touching his tattoos. Photo credit: Facebook

An Auckland man was left in shock after being harassed by a man at The Warehouse in Henderson.

Magic Talk producer Chang Hung was waiting to pay in line on Thursday afternoon when a man wearing a mask, hat and sunglasses approached him.

"He comes up behind me and goes, 'Hey hey I'm Ravi' and starts touching me," Hung said.

"He was being racist, he was trying to say something in Chinese or whatever, but it didn't make sense."

Hung says it was extremely uncomfortable given Auckland is at alert level 2, which means social distancing is still required.

"I was like, 'I'm sure you have the wrong person because I don't know any Ravis,' but he started touching my tattoos."

"He then said to me 'let's go outside and have a punch up.'"

The ex-radio host on The Edge says it wasn't the first time he's been racially harassed and decided to report the incident to Henderson Police.

"I was lucky my daughter wasn't there because she would have been terrified."

A police spokesperson said they will be following up this incident.

"It has been reported a man spoke threateningly to the victim during the incident," a spokesperson said.

"We will be making follow up enquiries into the matter."

Hung posted about the incident on Facebook on Thursday and asked if anyone knew the man.

"This guy comes up and starts touching me and wanted a fight and was being racist - anyone know who he is?"

After sharing this incident on Twitter, the Prime Minister's fiancée Clarke Gayford apologised for what had happened.

"That's terrible Chang, I'm sorry to hear that," he commented.

"There's always going to be some bad apples out there," Hung replied. "Hope the family are well."