Director of property management company responsible for Christchurch holiday home where teenagers stabbed says she is 'devastated' by death

The director of the property management company looking after the Christchurch home where a teenager was stabbed to death has spoken out, saying she was "conned" by the person who made the holiday booking and is devastated by the consequences.

Sue Harrison told Newshub on Sunday she is "completely devastated" by the death of 16-year-old Zion Purukamu, who was stabbed at a party at her property on Saturday night.

Two other teenagers were injured during the incident.

Harrison says she was "cheated" by whoever made the booking via Air BnB.

"The person who booked the house told us one thing and did another… we have strict procedures around parties because they cause a lot of rubbish and noise and we never want to see them happen.

"This one sneaked through and goodness knows what those kids were doing… we're angry and hurt."

She says she understands Purukamu was stabbed to death outside her property - not inside it. 

Police are still hunting for his killer, having already spoken with the two other injured teens to try and ascertain what happened.

In an update, Det Insp Michael Ford urged any witnesses to come forward, saying any little bit of information could help.

"We encourage you to do so even if you don't think you have anything relevant to tell us, or you believe a friend may have already given us the same details," he said on Sunday.

"Every piece of information helps us build a timeline of what occurred and who was there."

Harrison says she will be installing cameras outside her properties in the wake of Purukamu's death - and was adamant there are procedures in place to stop things "sneaking past".

"Our message to the community is we do everything in our power to stop these things happening.

"But you can have things sneak past and this can happen... Especially with the borders closed, we don't have our usual international guests who don't behave this way. 

"It's strictly against our terms and conditions and we enforce that."

She says she will learn from the tragedy moving forward and will do everything she can to prevent another like it.

"We're hurting, we care and as someone who runs a business it matters to us and it's the last thing we ever imagined could happen."