Final witness in Gloriavale court case says employment relationships 'wouldn't work'

An unlikely TV star has been called as the final witness in the employment case against Gloriavale.

Dove Stedfast, more commonly known as Dove Love, told the hearing that employment relationships wouldn't work for their way of life.

"My name is Dove Stedfast," the Gloriavale witness told the court.

Formerly known as Dove Love, she's no stranger to being on camera.

Love featured heavily in the television documentary 'A Woman's Place' which filmed her wedding.

"I'll serve you as my king," she said during the ceremony.

It made her into an unlikely TV star, who even has a fan page on social media with thousands of followers.

"Apparently I became quite famous receiving many emails, letters and visits from people all over New Zealand. My husband and I were invited to Wellington and Auckland for some special events and even offered a free trip to America by some company who wanted me to speak at their show," Love said.

Six former residents, some of whom also appeared in the documentary, argue they should've been treated as employees while living and working at the reclusive community.

"It just wouldn't suit our way of life because what it's about for us it's more like a family working together to do things," Love continued.

Under cross-examination, the mother of five claimed men and women are equal at Gloriavale.

Brian Henry asked her "if you are an equal why can't you be a leader?"

Steadfast responded "because as a woman my role is different to the role of the man."

Closing submissions will begin next week.

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