Random meeting credited for keeping famous Far North fish and chip shop running

What's being called a coincidence of community in the Far North - has saved a legendary fish and chip shop from going under. 

In a post that's since gone viral - the new owner of Calypso Fish and Chips has described how a local saviour swooped in - and saved the day.  

Les Vetter has been eating Calypso Fish and Chips since the 1980's

But it almost wasn't to be. 

Janna Sicely bought the shop in April but with no experience, and no chef, she admits she was out of her depth just days before it was due to reopen. 

"I had no idea what I was doing. I was out there pacing on that back porch and I was panicking, I don't really panic much but I was panicking. I was really, really scared," Sicely said. 

"Out the back, we've got Briscoes and it really did it felt like a miraculous moment the vehicles parted and there she came. 

Lavinia, or Vini - used to work at the shop - for more than 10 years in fact, but strolling through the Briscoes carpark that fateful day seeing Janna in need, Vini thought a return, might just be on the cards.

 "I appeared and she really welcomed me with open arms and there's a lot of memories here for me. To come back after a few years, it was great," Vini said.  

It was a happy coincidence - that kept the doors open. 

A post showing Janna's appreciation for Vini's return went gangbusters on the local Far North Community page. 

With over 3000 likes and 140 comments. 

"Awwwww man, that was beautiful," one person said. 

"We all need a 'Vini' in our mahi lives," another added. 

"Someone saw your struggles and sent you an angel," someone else added. 

Others suggest that more shoutouts from bosses to their staff would lead to a greater feeling of well-being in communities. 

"It's co-operation, not corporation," someone commented. 

And for the owner and chef, it's a match made in heaven. 

"It's like I've known her for years but I've only known her since April," Vini said. 

"She's the love of my life," Sicely joked. 

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