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David Cumin from the Free Speech Coalition and Chief Censor David Shanks discuss racist ideologies and freedom of speech.

Police investigating Reddit post calling for Asian 'extinction'

A user has called for "the great take back" of New Zealand.

Recent University of Otago research found cat allergens in the carpet of every primary school classroom it tested.

High levels of allergens found in primary school classrooms

Researchers want schools to consider ripping up carpets.

Two people who wore their Pink Shirts with pride were social media influencer Jessie Guru and her Dad, Mayor of Kapiti Coast, Guru.

Auckland school kid sent home for not wearing enough pink on Pink Shirt Day

A parent claims the principal later admitted the teacher was wrong.

Milford School.

Christchurch shootings used to market essential oils to school

An Auckland school signed up to $2800 worth of oils.

The strike was announced on Sunday.

I'm a striking teacher - here's why

Teacher Lisa Geraghty says she didn't have a choice in the face of a "crisis in education".

Striking primary school teachers protesting in Wellington.

All you need to know about the teachers' 'mega-strike'

It's the largest scale industrial action ever seen in New Zealand, but how will it affect you.


Salaries of female-dominated professions need resetting

Teachers used to earn the same as MPs, writes Duncan Garner.


Teachers vote overwhelmingly to strike

The May 29 strike will be the biggest ever taken by NZ teachers.

Watch: 600 learning support coordinators in schools by 2020 - Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

More principals are subjected to physical violence - survey

It's not just students abusing school leaders - it's parents, too.

Images of the Christchurch terror attack.

What it was like to be a Christchurch primary teacher during terror attack

"I swallowed my fear because I'm a teacher. And it's my job to protect the children."

The students took refuge in a church in 2017. Now they've been allowed back in.

Deported Indian students to be allowed back into New Zealand

They said dodgy agents falsified their visa applications.


Push to teach NZ history in schools becomes more desperate

With a lack of Government action, one woman has mortgaged her house to urgently fund education.

David Cumin from the Free Speech Coalition and Chief Censor David Shanks discuss racist ideologies and freedom of speech.

Auckland Uni blames reports of white supremacists on 'increased awareness'

The University says Thursday was the first time it's received complaints, but students say otherwise.

Pay parity remains a big issue, along with adequate resourcing for teachers.

Teachers want more talks but strike action still on the table

It might be time to book in some child care, as a mega-strike looms.


'Mega-strike' looms as primary, secondary teachers look to join forces

NZEI says such a strike threatens to cause "significant disruption".

A news report from last year on the on-going teachers' pay dispute.

Teachers reject latest Ministry of Education offers

A national strike day on May 29 is being proposed.

Julia Harrison on The AM Show.

Make school lockdown drills compulsory - expert

Schools are required to have evacuation plans, but not lockdown procedures.

Deutschland, Hamburg, kleines Mädchen spielt mit Knete, Fokus auf Knete.

'We're at our wit's end': A desperate plea from the parent of special needs child

Children with special education needs and disability aren't even getting the education they're legally entitled to.

St Paul's College students singing "Mo Maria" inside a mosque in Ponsonby.

Watch: Students perform moving Māori hymn for victims

The students performed a beautiful rendition of Mo Maria at Ponsonby Mosque.


Auckland Muslim schools explain terror attack to children

Students were spoken to about what happened in Christchurch in an attempt to come to terms with the tragedy.