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More than 80 Southland workers could lose their jobs.

82 Southland disabled workers face losing jobs over cost cuts

A new, cheaper contractor could put the workers on the scrapheap.

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KFC, Pizza Hut workers to start three-day strike

List of complaints longer than the menu at Carl's Jr, which will also be affected.

Christina Leung on The AM Show.

Workplace discrimination still rife - survey

Most people believe there is still discrimination in the workplace, according to a new survey.

Watch: Auckland sweet shop owners jailed for exploiting workers.

Immigration system sets migrant workers up for exploitation - union advocate

"If they were to change job, they not only lose the job but the ability to stay in New Zealand."


Super Liquor terminates franchisees after workers exploited

One employee says he was forced to give back some of his pay, despite only earning $8/hour in the first place.

The referendum was announced on Tuesday.

Nightmare for employers if cannabis legalised - expert

But the Government says the drug is already commonly used.

Watch: Simon Bridges issues dire warning on new employment rules.

The new meal and rest break laws - how they affect you

Workers now have more rights to rest and meal breaks than they had on Sunday.

Simon Bridges and Brett O'Riley on The AM Show.

Bridges issues dire warning on new employment rules

But others aren't quite so concerned.

Watch: An Otago University professor says some jobs are safer than others.

Why robots probably won't steal your job

Technology is not about to replace Kiwi workers anytime soon, argues economist Kinsley Salmon.

female tradie

Kiwi infrastructure companies want to hire 'girls'

The 'Girls with Hi-Vis' campaign hopes to boost the number of women taking up trades.

Watch: Budgeting advisor Joseph Liava'a says it's not surprising the poor are spending most of their money on housing costs.

New tool lets you know just how rich or poor you really are

Find out if you've been keeping up with the Joneses.

Watch: The kiwifruit industry recently launched an on-line campaign to attract migrant workers.

Opinion: Sensible immigration will allow rural communities to flourish

Proposed policy changes must take account of the benefits migrant families bring, writes Nick Hanson

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and National leader Simon Bridges debated the employment rate in Parliament.

Amy Adams blasts Govt over 'slight drop' in employment

The issue was hotly debated in Parliament by Jacinda Ardern and Simon Bridges.

Dr John Tait on The AM Show.

Junior doctors start five-day strike

DHB bosses say their proposed changes will make things better, but doctors don't believe them.


Employees want physical contact banned at work - UK survey

One in four avoided colleagues because of the way they greeted people.

MERAS' Jill Ovens on The AM Show in November.

Midwives hope deal will reverse staff shortage

Midwives hope to see a lift in morale among their peers now that key issues are being sorted.

Alibaba's '11.11' sale is the biggest shopping festival in the world.

Billionaire expects staff to work 12-hour days, six days a week

He called it a "huge blessing" to employees.


Chorus unprepared for migrant influx to build UFB - report

Subcontractors building the network regularly breached employment laws, a report has found.

WATCH: The kiwifruit industry produced a video as part of a major recruitment campaign.

Kiwifruit industry welcomes declaration of seasonal labour shortage in BOP

There are not enough people to pick and pack this season's crop.


US teacher fired after student obtains topless photo of her

She's now filing a lawsuit, claiming she's suffered gender discrimination.