Live updates: Tokyo Olympics - OlyWhites v South Korea from Ibaraki Kashima Stadium

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NZ 1 South Korea 0

NZ - Wood 70'

Second half

90th minute + 5 - Jeong heads towards goal, but Park can't catch up with it. The whistle goes and NZ have achieved history - their first Olympic win and a big step towards advancing to knockout stages.

90th minute + 4 - Free kick is deflected out by Bell. Pijanker juggles the ball and clears.

90th minute + 3 - Waine concedes a freekick just outside the area, so a dangerous opportunity for Korea. Elliott replaces Lewis.

90th minute + 2 - Korea again play to the area, but the ball bounces clear of their attackers to Woud, who gladly hoofs the ball upfield.

90th minute +1 - Korea steal the ball on halfway and stream forward. Reid is solid in defence.

90th minute - The ball pinballs around the NZ area, but eventually rolls harmlessly to Woud. Five minutes of added time.

88th minute - Korea have now made six substitutions. Reid comes back with a bandage around his head.

87th minute - Reid wanders off, but he's not replaced. NZ are a man down, as he's treated on the sideline.

85th minute - Lee's left-foot corner curls into the box and it's cleared, but Reid reels away from the crowd, holding his head. He's down and needs medical attention.

84th minute - Korea win another corner.

83rd minute - Stamenic enters the game for McCowatt.

82nd minute - Another short corner from Korea, but the ball is cleared. Korea put the ball back across goal, but Song isn't expecting it and Woud easily controls his shot.

81st minute - Long ball down the left runs too far for Cacace.

79th minute - Cacace concedes a free kick, nudging Lee into the hoardings. Jeong rises high in the box, but heads it wide.

78th minute - Korean free-kick in midfield. Lee on the ball, but he plays it right and Lee crosses to the far side of the box.

76th minute - Korea play into the area, but Pijnaker cuts it off. Lewis is booked for rough challenge in midfield, although he's the one getting medical attention.

75th minute - Long run from Stensness and Wood rises high in the area, failing to make contact with the cross.

74th minute - Coach Danny Hay now has three strikers on the field with a one-goal lead, so continues to attack. Maybe he'll park the bus soon.

71st minute - GOAL to Wood

Ben Waine enters the game for Just, as the video review comes in and the goal is given. Great result for NZ and changes the whole complexion of the game.

70th minute - Cacace puts in a dangerous cross that goes long, but knocked back into the goamouth, where Wood nudges it into the net. Celebrations are curtailed, as the offside call comes - there's only centimetres in it.

67th minute - Korea stream forward and Lee unleashes a powerful shot that's blocked by a diving Woud.

66th minute - McCowatt plays a long ball to the far post and Pijnaker shoots on goal, but easily controlled by Song.

65th minute - Lewis plays a long ball to Wood outside the area and he draws a free-kick.

9:21pm - NZ win another corner, but Pijnaker wants a handball in the area. He's refused.

McCowatt crosses to the face of goal, Song bats it clear, but Cacace slices his first-time strike.

9:18pm - McCowatt had the ball in the area and lays on for Cacace to cross, but Korea block the pass. Korea make three substitutions - Um, Lee and Kwon are the players replacd.

9:17pm - Another long ball for Um, but Woud springs to deny him the cross, escorting it dead for a goal-kick.

9:16pm - Another long ball from Korea and Um goes sprawling, hoping for a free-kick.

9:15pm - Wood has his first real touch in front of goal, but can't control and the Koreans clear.

9:14pm - Long ball to Hwang, but he's unsighted and Woud runs forward to defuse the danger.

9:12pm - NZ have a corner from left, it's taken short and crossed by Just, but keeper Song rises high to catch, ahead of the NZ attack.

9:10pm - Korea stream into the penalty area and one of their players goes down - no call. Eventually, Won gets to his feet and unleashes a shot that's blocked.

Bell runs to the edge of the area and tries to find Wood, but the pass is behind him and Korea clear.

Third minute - NZ stream down the right, but deflected out for a Korea throw.

First minute - This game is staged on the south coast of Japan, out of Tokyo, so some school kids are in attendance today.

No changes to either side at the break, Korea kick off.

Halftime - No goals anywhere else in the men's football competition, with Egypt-Spain, Mexico-France and Ivory Coast-Saudi Arabia all scoreless right now. A far cry from last night's women's action, where 28 goals were scored over six games.

First half

45th minute + 3 - The Korean cross is headed away by Lewis. Woud takes a goal-kick, but the whistle sounds for halftime, with no score on the board.

Korea have taken six shots - two of them on target - but NZ have not drawn any action from Song in the Korean goal.

45th minute +2 - Korea steal the ball in midfield and stream forward, but Um's cross is deflected by Pijnaker for a corner.

45th minute +1 - Three extra minutes to be played in the first half.

45th minute - McCowatt nudges the free kick into the box, but cleared by Korea.

44th minute - NZ win a free kick in midfield, Korean half.

42nd minute - Korea play into the penalty area, but Reid headers clear. Korea cross from the left and Kwon tries to first-time it on goal, but hits high and wide.

41st minute - Korea break acrossfield and hold on the edge of the area. Fine cross from the right and Won's header from in front of goal really tests Woud, who is safe.

39th minute - Good ball from Lewis to Cacace, but he's offside, with Chris Wood in prime position in the box.

37th minute - Korea break down the right, but Lee can't control the ball before it runs dead for a goal-kick.

35th minute - NZ playing a 5-4-1 formation, so very defensively minded.

34th minute - Kim is being escored off the field, as his team line up the set-piece, but NZ easily defuse the situation.

32nd minute - Korea commanding the ball again and Just concedes a midfield free-kick with a shove in the back of his opponent.

31st minute - A long through ball is too strong for Cacace to chase and catch.

30th minute - OlyWhites still have the ball and frustrating their opponents.

29th minute - NZ enjoying their best period of possession, trying to build, but a crossfield pass bounces away from Ingham and into touch.

28th minute - Cacace has the ball to the left of the penalty area, but is forced to pass all the way back to keeper Woud, as no opportunities open up.

27th minute - High ball into the box, but Kwon's header is wide of the far post.

25th minute - More pressure from Korea and Just miscues a clearance. He scrambles to recover and gives away a free kick to the left of the area.

22nd minute - Seventy-three percent possession for Korea so far, as they pour into the area and Kwon has a fantastic chance to score, but the ball bounces too high for him to control and Woud sacrifices his body to knock it clear.

Danger signs for NZ.

20th minute - Cacace sprints down the left, but NZ eventually dispossessed before they can enter the area.

18th minute - Sloppy backpass to Woud runs out for a corner - the first of the game.

Korea play the ball into the area and Lewis completely misses his clearing kick. Eventually, the shot is high.

17th minute - Stensness barges Kang off the ball, just as Korea look menacing down the left.

16th minute - No real chances from either team so far, with Korea content to keep possession and NZ unable to capitalise on the scraps.

14th minute - Long ball from Korea and Kang chases, but can't catch up before it runs over the byline.

12th minute - Long ball into the area from NZ, but Wood is called for being overly physical in the contest. Soft call.

10th minute - NZ invade the penalty area and Just tries to unleash a shot, but has no power and the keeper easily gathers.

Ninth minute - Korean attack get behind the OlyWhite defence, but the shot is high.

Eighth minute - Korea camped on the edge of the area, but their long-range shot is blocked by Reid.

Sixth minute - NZ finally have the ball and move forward. Reid's clearance is weak and Korea swarm into the penalty area.

Fourth minute - Another slow build-up from Korea down the right. Untidy communication from the NZ defence and Woud has to dive on the ball in front of an advancing Korean attacker.

Second minute - Korea dominating possession and already showing plenty of speed.

First minute - No kneeling from the men, as NZ kick off. Korea make ground up the left with a nice pass.

7:51pm - NZ team has been posted, probably their best line-up available...

NZ: 1-Michael Woud (gk), 2-Winston Reid, 3-Liberato Cacace, 4-Nando Piljnaker, 6-Clayton lewis, 7-Elijah Just, 8-Joe Bell, 9-Chris Wood, 12-Callum McCowatt, 15-Dane Ingham, 16-Gianni Stensness

Substitutes: 10-Marko Stamenic, 11-Joe Campness, 13-Jamie Searle (gk), 14-George Stanger, 17-Callan Elliott, 18-Ben Waine, 21-Ben Old

Korea: 1-Bumkeun Song (gk), 2-Youhyeon Lee, 5-Taewook Jeong, 7-Changhoon Kwon, 8-Kangin Lee, 14-Donghyun Kin, 15-Dujae Won, 16-Uijo Hwang, 17-Wonsang Um, 19-Yoonseong Kang, 20-Sangmin Lee 

Substitute: 4-Jisu Park, 6-Seungwon Jeong, 9-Minkyu Song, 10-Donggyeoung Lee, 11-Dungjun Lee, 12-Youngwood Seol, 18-Joonsoo Ahn (gk)


Kia ora, good evening and welcome to Newshub's live updates of the OlyWhites v South Korea from Kashima's Ibaraki Kashima Stadium.

In their quest to advance from pool play for the first time in New Zealand men's football history, the OlyWhites tonight kick their Tokyo Olympics campaign off against easily their toughest opposition - South Korea.

This is - on paper - one of the strongest New Zealand football squads ever assembled, with 14 of the 22 players plying their trade in Europe and America.

Burnley striker Chris Wood will lead the line for the OlyWhites, while Winston Reid looms as a key figure in defence, the pair taking up two of the three over-23 spots. Centre back Michael Boxall takes up that third over-age spot, but he's been ruled out for the time being with injury.

Elsewhere, keep an eye out for former Wellington Phoenix defender Liberato Cacace at left back, now playing with Belgium's Sint-Truiden, and goalkeeper Michael Woud - fresh off an impressive season with Dutch side Almere City.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the South Korea squad play at home in the K-League, although Bordeaux striker Hwang Ui-jo is expected to lead the line and attacking-midfielder Lee Kang-boasts experience of playing in Spain's La Liga with Valencia.

This is New Zealand's third Olympic football campaign, with the OlyWhites yet to taste victory in the tournament - boasting two draws and four defeats from six matches played.

TAB odds: New Zealand $8, draw $3.75, South Korea $1.45.  


OlyWhites out to 'turn some heads' in Tokyo Olympics football

Despite being drawn in, on paper, the easiest group at the Tokyo Olympics football tournament, the OlyWhites aren't taking anything for granted in their attempt to make NZ history.

In contrast with the NZ men's last tilt at Olympic football glory, when they were drawn alongside heavyweights Brazil and Egypt at London 2012, the Tokyo group has been much kinder.

Although the OlyWhites will have to face 2012 Olympic bronze medallists South Korea, New Zealand can target their other two opponents - Romania and Honduras - as they bid to seal a top-two spot and advance to the quarter-finals.

And boasting one of the most talented squads in the history of NZ men's football - with 13 of the 22 available players plying their trade in Europe - the OlyWhites won't have a better chance to make it out of their group.

But striker Chris Wood insists that there won't be any easy games for the OlyWhites.

"In terms of everything else, on paper it might be an easier group, but it's definitely not going to be," Wood says from Tokyo.

"We've seen footage of all [the] teams, they're looking strong, they're looking capable - every single one of them. So, it's going to be [a] tough three games, all three of them.

"We're going to have to be finely tuned and ready to go, or else we won't be able to deliver what we can deliver."

The OlyWhites face arguably their sternest test right out of the gate, taking on highly touted South Korea on Thursday.

While New Zealand have warmed up for the tournament with a win and defeat against Australia, South Korea enter the encounter with a 2-2 draw against Argentina and 2-1 defeat to France under their belts.

Manager Danny Hay predicts South Korea will be one of the teams to watch, when the tournament kicks off.

"Korea were bronze medallists [at the] Olympics for a reason," says Hay. "We've watched a lot of footage of them.

"They're a good side, they've got real strengths in a lot of areas. Counterattack is one of them, they're a very, very capable team.

"You can see by their results leading into this tournament, really positive results against Argentina. [I] watched them play against France the other day, they played them off the park.

"There's potentially a little bit of lack of understanding of the quality we're coming up against in terms of a side like that."

But Hay knows what his side is capable of.

"We're fully aware that if we play to our potential, we can do some good things. We can turn some heads.

"I couldn't be happier with this group of players. The approach they've taken is doing New Zealand proud to this point."