Live updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 6 - Lisa Carrington, K4 chases even more gold, Lydia Ko closes on golf leaders, Quentin Rew in race walk

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In the space of a few minutes on Thursday afternoon, Lisa Carrington grabbed her third canoeing gold medal of the Games and shotputter Tom Walsh repeated his bronze from Rio five years ago, bringing New Zealand's tally to 17 at Tokyo.

Then cyclists Ellesse Andrews and Campbell Stewart snatched two silvers to vault our medal tally past the previous record from Rio, leaving the Kiwis just one short of their record gold haul.

Our best chance on Friday may be golfer Lydia Ko, who sits only four shots off the podium, with the prospect of bad weather shortening the tournament to 54 holes.

Carrington and her K4 crew contest heats this afternoon, with a final looming on Saturday.

Live updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 6 - Lisa Carrington, K4 chases even more gold, Lydia Ko closes on golf leaders, Quentin Rew in race walk

Latest updates

12:33am - Equestrian

NZ are officially eliminated from the jumping competition, slipping to 11th spot, after Switzerland's third rider scores only nine faults to put his team second.

Sweden have managed three clear rounds - very impressive - and are the team to beat tomorrow.

That's our team finished for the day, so join us early on Saturday, when the women golfers tee off an hour early to beat the oncoming weather bomb. 

12:08am - Equestrian

Meech about to take his run for NZ. Morocco had a disastrous third effort and we can catch them with less than seven faults.

Meech has two fences down and a time fault, so that puts NZ behind Morocco and China, and probably out of the final.

11:56pm - Equestrian

After two riders, NZ lie 14th, but need to break into the top 10 to advance to the final. Daniel Meech is our last rider - he made the individual final, so on paper, our best rider.

The Kiwis need to move ahead of China, Argentina, Netherlands, Egypt, Morocco or Great Britain.

Meech needs less than 15 faults to stay ahead of Czech Republic.

11:08pm - Equestrian

New Zealand's second rider is Tom Tarver-Priebe on Popeye, who didn't ride the invididual competition. He knocked down three fences and incurred a time penalty, but that elevates them to fourth, ahead of Czech Republic.

Mexico also had a fall, so NZ now sit above four teams.

10:58pm - Equestrian

Israel have fallen too, so that's another team NZ can move ahead of. This may be the only way forward for us at this rate.

10:50pm - Equestrian

After the first riders, NZ lie last in the standings, with considerable work to do, if they hope to qualify for the final.

Sweden and Brazil have gone clear, while five other teams have incurred just one time fault.

10:23pm - Equestrian

Ireland's first horse throws a shoe and falls, so their team will drop out.

10:19pm - Equestrian

Bruce Goodin is first up for NZ on Danny V - 16 jump faults and a time fault will put NZ on the back foot from the start.

10:16pm - Equestrian

They've already started the team jumping qualifying at Equestrian Park. NZ are the eighth team to jump - so far, the first riders from six teams have gone.

Top 10 of 19 teams will advance into the finals.

10:05pm - Track cycling

Andrews taking the track against Bao, she needs to win this to stay alive.

Bao has the leadoff and Andrews tracks her around, then moves up the track. She dives to the pole and goes around the top to the finish-line to progress to the 1/8 round tomorrow.

9:33pm - Track cycling

Andrews has drawn Bao of China in her repechage at 9:59pm NZ and must win to progress to the 1/8 round tomorrow.

9:21pm - Track cycling

Next up is Andrews v Starikova.

Andrews has the leadout and looks over her shoulder at her rival as they circle the track.

Starikova dips to the pole lane and controls the lead to the line, Andrews just can't haul her in and must go to repechage.

8:51pm - Track cycling

Britain take the final sprint to cap off a dominant display for the gold, with Denmark second and Russian Olympic Committee third. NZ finish on -40 points in 11th and never featured.

Next up, Ellesse Andrews returns in the last 16 of the sprint, racing Ukraine's Starikova in heat six at 9:21pm NZ.

8:48pm - Track cycling

France take a sprint, only one more to come.

8:44pm - Track cycling

Belgium go down for a second time and so do Australia.

Britain win another sprint - NZ still hanging in there on -40.

8:43pm - Track cycling

The break is now four teams and they're bearing down on NZ. Britain take the sprint and NZ fall two laps down - that may eliminate them.

8:40pm - Track cycling

Britain and France have broken away, trying to lap the field. If they succeed, the British would be pretty unbeatable and France would move into second.

Britain win another sprint - NZ on -20.

8:38pm - Track cycling

Japan and Hong Kong have dropped out, after being lapped twice, so NZ runs that very real risk.

Britain take another sprint, heading off Netherlands.

8:35pm - Track cycling

So NZ are now on -20 points for being lapped and slipping behind again. Britain win another sprint.

8:32pm - Track cycling

Another crash - Netherlands and Belgium were in that one - and Britain win the sprint, as NZ are lapped. Phew, a bit of action there.

Poland were also in the crash.

8:29pm - Track cycling

Australia outsprint Netherlands and Britain that time, and move into third - still no points for NZ.

8:26pm - Track cycling

Britain take the third sprint and are dominating the race - NZ still have no points and risk being lapped.

8:23pm - Track cycling

Ireland and Italy have crashed, and really, given the riders buzzing in and out, it's a miracle there aren't more crashes.

Great Britain take another sprint and have the early lead, NZ yet to register a point.

8:21pm - Track cycling

Great Britain win the first sprint and the five points on offer - NZ finish outside the top five for no points.

8:16pm - Track cycling

Riders are now gathering on the track for the madison, with Buchanan and Hodges for NZ. In this event, one rider circles the track in the race, while another rides above the pack and slingshots into the race every few laps.

It's probably like a recurring relay race over 120 laps (30km) with 12 sprints for points - it's absolute mayhem on the velodrome.

7:44pm - Track cycling

Two races away from Andrews' 1/32 heat against Aussie McCulloch. Heats have pretty much gone to form so far...

Andrews tracks McCulloch into the bell and then tries to take her on the outside - she holds on to the line and moves into the final 16, without facing repechage.

Andrews' next race will be after 9pm NZ. Before then, Rushlee Buchanan and Jessie Hodges contest the madison.

7:12pm - Track cycling

After all 29 riders have completed their qualifying, Andrews has slipped to 11th, with German Friedrich fastest at 10.310s.

James misses out, with the 27th fastest time. Andrews' performance lands her midfield, which means she will have - on paper - one of the most evenly matched races with Aussie McCulloch in Heat 11 at 7:46pm NZ.

6:56pm - Track cycling

Andrews' record didn't last long, with Frenchwoman Mathilde Gros clocking 10.400s a few riders later, then Canadian Lauriane Genest also beating the Kiwis' time with 10.460s.

Braspennincx of Netherlands, who beat Andrews in the keirin, also goes faster, but Andrews should comfortably move through to the racing rounds.

6:40pm - Track cycling

Ellesse Andrews is back on the track after her keirin silver medal last night and records a sizzling new Olympic record of 10.563s - that's 0.16s faster than the previous fastest by Chinese Bao.

Could we have another medal in this event? Finals aren't until Saturday. James still faster than just one other, although Duchwoman van Riessen has scratched.

6:29pm - Track cycling

Welcome back to the velodrome for the women's sprint - another confusing scheduled of heats and repechages designed to eliminate riders and confound casual spectators.

Kiwi Kirstie James is first up for a solo qualifying time trial, with the fastest 24 advancing to racing. She clocks 11.116s and leads after one rider.

6:16pm - Track cycling

We're nearly ready for the next Kiwis in action, as we head back to the velodrome.

Up first is the women's sprint, with silver medallist Ellesse Andrews backing up from her keirin success, joined by Kirstie James.

Late, Rushlee Buchanan and Jessie Hodges will be up in the women's madison.

5:02pm - Golf

Ashok finishes with a birdie on the 18th, and moves to 12-under.

That solidifies her hold of second place, now two shots ahead of the four-way tie for bronze behind her.

4:54pm - Golf

And Inami drops a shot on the 18th! That creates a four way tie for third place at 10-under, including Lydia Ko!

4:33pm - Golf

At the end of her round, Ko sits five shots behind Nelly Korda (15-under) and two shots behind the pair of Mone Inami and Aditi Ashok (11-under).

If things finished as they are right now though, Ko would miss a medal, while Inami and Ashok would play off to see who'd get silver, and who'd get bronze.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day!

4:28pm - Golf

How can Ko finish? She has a birdie putt on the 18th.

She just gives it a bit too much, and settles for par.

That means Ko finishes at five-under for her round, and 10-under for the tournament.

She's tied for fourth, and one shot behind the pair in joint second.

4:06pm - Golf

Birdie on the 17th! That moves Ko into the medal positions at 10-under!

The Kiwi has one hole to play in her third round,

3:59pm - Golf

Par on the 16th for Ko. She's dropped to sixth though, as Australia's Hannah Green moves into the three way tie for third.

Two holes left for the Kiwi. She finished with two bogeys yesterday, she'll want to avoid a repeat of that today.

3:44pm - Golf

Another par for Ko on the 15th, still tied for fifth and one shot away from the medal places.

3:26pm - Golf

Par for Ko on the 14th, but Inami has moved to 11-under.

That drops Ko to a tie for fifth, one shot away from a tie for third that would result in a play-off for bronze.

3:07pm - Golf

And make that two birdies in a row for Ko! Another one on the 13th moves the Kiwi into a tied for fourth place!

India's Aditi Ashok also drops a shot, so there's a two-way tie for second place.

Ko is now a shot back of silver.

2:56pm - Golf

Another birdie for Ko! She pulls a shot back on the 12th, and moves to eight-under and a tie for sixth.

Now only two shots off Inami in the race for bronze.

2:45pm - Golf

Ko pars the 11th, but Japan's Mone Inami moves to 10-under.

That means Ko is now three shots away from the medals.

2:27pm - Golf

Great start for Ko on the back nine! She birdies the par three, moving her to seven-under and a tie for eighth.

What's more, Denmark's Emily Kristine Pedersen has dropped a shot, so Ko is only two shots back of the medal places.

2:10pm - Golf

Good afternoon!

As things stand, Lydia Ko is in a five-way tie for 10th at six-under, and one-under for her round.

USA's Nelly Korda continues to lead the field at 16-under, four shots clear of second.

The Kiwi is about to start her back nine, four shots behind third place and medal contention.

2:04pm - That's Brad Lewis signing off for the day. I will hand you over to Alex Powell for the afternoon shift.

2:01pm - Ko misses a 12m putt for birdie on the ninth - again it's not quite dropping for her, but she is playing well. She sinks a short putt for par and remains at six-under in a tie for 10th. Up the top of the leaderboard, Nelly Korda is 16-under, Aditi Ashok 12-under and Inami Mone 10-under. 

1:42pm - Ko misses a long birdie putt by a hair - she's been so close to a blazing round, but the ball is not rolling in for her. She pars the eighth hole and remains six-under in a tie for 11th. The Kiwi is four shots back from the medal spots. 

1:37pm - Nelly Korda picks up a shot at the fifth hole and extends her lead to five shots. The American is fifteen-under.  Ko is currently on the par five, eighth hole. She needs birdies on the next two holes which have been friendly today.

1:34pm - So  confirming that the Kiwi crew go straight to the semis and avoid having to paddle again today.

Canoe Sprint: Women's K4 500 Heats (Carrington, Regal, Hoskin, Hatton)
Result - New Zealand finish second and earn semi-final spot

Finish: Second spot for the Kiwi crew as the Hungarians came home strong, so that's the rest of the day off for the team which is crucial.

250m - The Kiwi crew have half a boat length at the halfway mark.

Start: Underway - decent start for the Kiwi crew.

1:28pm - Closing in on the first  heat which will involve the Kiwi crew. Top two go straight to the semis - the rest go to the quarter-finals. 

1:26pm - Golf: Par for Ko on the par three, seventh. The Kiwi is tied for 11th - three shots back from the bronze medal spot. 

1:13pm - Golf: Par for Ko on the sixth hole which has been birdie friendly today. The Kiwi remains at six-under, one-under for her round. Ko is in a tie for ninth, eight shots off the lead and three shots back from the medal spots. 

1:09pm - Coming up at 1:30pm - Lisa Carrington is back in action in the heats of the Women's K4 500. The crew is Carrington, Caitlin Regal, Reneale Hatton and Alicia Hoskin. 

12:59am - Golf: Ko sinks a nice putt on the par-five fifth for her first birdie of the day. The Kiwi now six-under in a tie for ninth.

12:46pm - Golf: Nelly Korda birdies the second to extend her lead back to three shots. Ko is on the fifth hole and is even-par for her round. Three birdie putts missed on the bounce for the Kiwi.

12:40pm - Golf: Ko misses a medium length putt for birdie on the par thrree, fourth hole and remains at five-under. It could have been so much better this morning for the Kiwi, but she hasn't brought the putter out today.  Tied for 12th the Kiwi - four shots out of the medal hunt. 

12:35pm - Golf: Pederson from Denmark has picked up two shots today to sit second at eleven-under, two shots back from leader Nelly Korda who is even par after her first hole. 

12:30pm - Race Walk: Quentin Rew has finsihed 16th in the 50km Race Walk - he was seven-minutes down on the wiinner. 

12:28pm - Golf: A third-straight par for Lydia Ko - the Kiwi remains five-under but has slipped to 11th wiith Leona MaGuire carding two birdies for a six-under score. Ko missed a long birdie putt on that hole. 

12:21pm - Race Walk: Poland's Dawid Tomala comes home first for the gold medal. He made the break a the 30km mark and was never headed. German Jonathan Hilbert will grab the silver and Canadian Evan Dunfee storms home for the bronze. Kiwi Quentin Rew is still several minutes from reaching the finish. 

12:12pm - Golf: Ko misses a makable birdie chance on the second hole. The Kiwi remains five-under in a tied for 10th. No big movers up the leaderboard today at this stage. 

12:02pm - Race Walk: 45km done - just five to go. Tomala leads by 3:10 from a pack of five chasing silver and bronze. Kiwi Rew is up to 20th spot now - 7:45 down on the leader. 

11:54am - Golf: Ko pars the first hole to remain five-under - eight shots off the leader .... four shots off the medal spots. 

11:52am - Golf: The coverage has cut away from Ko's group but I believe she is on the green in two with a birdie chance.

11:44am - Golf: Ko's first drive is hit to the left of the fairway and she is into the light rough. 

11:43am - Golf: Ko is playing alongside the other Korda sister, Jessica and Wei-Ling Hsu. Korda is four-under as is Hsu. 

11:42am - Golf: Lydia Ko moments from her tee-off time. No real big movers this morning, Inbee Park is one-under through four holes and sits a spot behind Ko in 12th. 

11:38am - Race Walk: 40km down and the Pole looks like he has this race for the taking. His lead is now 2:50 from a pack of seven walkers. Kiwi Quentin Rew has dropped off as the heat picks up beyond 30 degrees - at 8.39am in the morning for goodness sake. He is 5:59 back from the leader - three minutes out the medal spots.

11:15am - Race Walk: 35km down - 15 to go. Tomala leads by 1:46 from a chasing pack of just 12 now.  Kiwi Rew has dropped to 24th spot - 3:41 behind the leader.

11:02am - Race Walk: At the 32km mark, Tomala has broken the field and leads by 50 seconds from the chasing pack.  Kiwi Rew is 2:17 back from the leader in 22nd spot.

Quentin Rew
Quentin Rew Photo credit: Getty
Dawid Tomala
Dawid Tomala Photo credit: Getty

10:52am - Race Walk: At the 30km mark, Poland's Dawid Tomala leads by nine seconds from a pack of 19 walkers. Kiwi Quentin Rew is in 21st spot - 1m 26 seconds down. 

10:48am - Race Walk: Frenchman Yohann Diniz has finally pulled out. He led early and then had toilet dramas to drop two minutes behind, before working his way back to the leading group, but he has tapped out. 

10:44am - Golf: So the organisers will make the decision tomorrow on whether the play on or not - but the players have been told today maybe the final round.

10:32am - Race Walk: 25km down - halfway there lads. There is a lead pack of 22 walkers with Kiwi Quentin Rew attempting to chase them down by himself. He is in 23rd spot - 48 seconds down. 

10:31am - Golf: About to get underway for round three - Lydia Ko will tee-off a 11:30ish.

10:15am - Race Walk: They have just hit the 20km mark and the leader has been caught by the pack - and that pack contains Yohann Diniz who was two minutes behind the leader 10km ago after a couple of toilet breaks. Kiwi Quentin Rew is in the chasing pack - 35 seconds back from the leaders in 22nd spot.

9:46am - Race Walk: 15km mark has been hit. Luo leads by 22 seconds from a chasing pack of 17 walkers. Kiwi Quentin Rew is slipped back to a third chasing pack ... 42 seconds behind the leader in 24th spot. 

9:41am - Still no news from the golf re a reduction in play. With a thunderstorm coming tomorrow it's expected the tournament will be reduced to 54 holes, but that decision has not been confirmed yet. 

9:25am - Race Walk: Through 10km of 50, Luo leads by 25 seconds from a group of 22 walkers. Rew is in 27th - 36 seconds back from the leader. 

9:09am - Race Walk: So Luo from China leads by 20 seconds from a chasing pack that is beaking into two or three groups. Rew is in the second group - 33 seconds behind Luo in 33rd. 

9:07am - Race Walk: Yohann Diniz is back on the course, but he's a long way back from the pack. 

Live updates: Tokyo Olympics, August 6 - Lisa Carrington, K4 chases even more gold, Lydia Ko closes on golf leaders, Quentin Rew in race walk
Photo credit: Getty Images
SAPPORO, JAPAN - AUGUST 06:  Athletes compete in the Men's 50km Race Walk Final on day fourteen of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Sapporo Odori Park on August 06, 2021 in Sapporo, Japan. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)
Photo credit: Getty Images

9:03am - Race Walk: Diniz has fallen to the back of the pack and stopped walking. He maybe done for the day - he seams to be dealing with a case of loose bowels. Yeah I said it. 

9:02am - Race Walk: Another toilet break for the Frenchman - he may have a gastric issue. 

8:58am - Race Walk: They have just gone through the first marker - as the leader takes a toilet break. So Luo gets the lead back from Diniz with the chasing pack about 35 second back. Diniz got back from the loo before the chasing pack caught up. Outsanding effort......

8:53am - Race Walk: Diniz has quickly moved past Luo at the front - he leads by 10m or so. The chasing pack - including the Kiwi is still about 100m back. 

8:47am - Race Walk: Rew has moved to the front of the chase pack and looks keen to get a move on. Luo leads from France's Yohann Diniz - then the chase pack about 100m behind those two. 

8:41am - Race Walk: Rew is 22 seconds behind the leader - only 2km in...48km left. 

8:39am - Race Walk: China's Luo Yadong makes an early break. Has a lead of about 30 metres over the chasing pack. 

8:33am - Race Walk: 59 walkers in total.

8:31am - Race Walk: The 50km road walk is underway around the streets of Sapporo. 

8:05am - Early start this morning. Quentin Rew in action from 8:30am. Also waiting on confirmation around the golf schedule. Reports are today could be the last day with a thunderstorm set to hit tomorrow. 

Kia ora, good morning and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the Tokyo Olympics, where we get off to an early start with the men's 50km race walk.

In an attempt to beat the Tokyo heat, the Games' longest athletics event is scheduled to start at 5:30am local time - that's 8:30am NZ - with Kiwi Quentin Rew among the starters.

Rew has contested the 50km walk at London 2012 and Rio 2016, finishing 12th five years ago and 10th at the 2015 world championships.

A feature of his performance is a metronome-like even pacing that sees him start near the back of the field and pick up stragglers as they fall away later in the journey.

This afternoon, Lisa Carrington will chase a fourth gold medal at these Games - and sixth of her career - when she teams with Caitlin Regal, Teneale Hatton and Alicia Hoskin for the K4 500 heats.

Golfer Lydia Ko made a move on the leaders on Thursday and now sits only a few shots outside the medals, but may need her best round today, with weather threatening to shorten the tournament to 54 holes.

Friday, August 6


Men's 50km road walk - Quentin Rew 8:30am NZ


Women's K4 heats - Lisa Carrington, Caitlin Regal, Teneale Hatton & Alicia Hoskin 12:30pm NZ


Women's sprint qualifying, 1/32 & 1/16 - Ellesse Andrews & Kirstie James 6:30pm NZ

Women's Madison - Rushlee Buchanan & Jessie Hodges 6:30pm NZ


Showjumping team qualifying - Bruce Goodin, Daniel Meech & Uma O'Neill 10pm NZ


Women's individual strokeplay, round 3 - Lydia Ko 10:30am NZ