The NerdsPLUS podcast: Gaming and the gambling problem

  • 03/12/2018

This week we examine how much gaming is contributing to problem gambling, we learn Anand has old old eyes, and Dr Frost hatches his most villainous scheme yet.

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Most of the stuff we talked about this week:

Read Dead Redemption 2: Yes again, but this time we talk about its online beta.

Loot boxes and gambling: A major study has shown some potentially dangerous links between some loot boxes and problem gambling.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI: The game series that found Anand a wife has a new expansion.

Batman Arkham Asylum: Finn says it’s ‘The best Batman comic. Period. Fight me!' So we did.  

Lazarus: Sci-fi action comic that brought our love for comics back to life.

Irredeemable: What if our heroes weren’t well adjusted people? Do we have the comic for you.

Next week's homework:

Universal Paperclips: How even the most mundane AI can go rogue.

Black Eyed Peas Present: Masters of the Sun - The Zombie Chronicles: Professor Frost is the most evil entity we know for making us do this!

Superman: American Alien: The best interaction between Superman and The Joker is in this series.

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