Government boosts road safety investment by $1 billion

The Government will inject an extra billion dollars into road safety.

Over $4 billion will be spent over the next three years to reduce deaths and serious injuries on the roads over the next three years.

The plan for the projects will be released on Friday.

$3.1 billion will be spent on local road safety and state highway improvements, focussing on high-risk areas and intersections, through the 2018/21 National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) investment.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford says it's $1b more than what was allocated in the 2015/18 NLTP.

An additional $1.2b will be spent on road policing and road safety campaigning.

Caroline Perry from Brake NZ says the extra investment is a great start and the group is glad to see the Government taking road safety seriously.

"The number of deaths and injuries is horrific and we need to reduce the number of deaths and injuries we've seen on our roads in the last few years," Ms Perry said.

"What we now need to see is that the plan covers a lot of proven safety measures."

The organisation wants to see a range of safety improvements including reducing speed limits on high risk roads, installing more median barriers, and safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ms Perry said more investment will be needed over the longer term to ensure there is a lasting reduction in deaths and injuries on the roads.