Shane Jones fumes at 'Soviet' Ports of Auckland waterfront carpark

Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones has called the Ports of Auckland plan to build a multi-level carpark on Auckland's waterfront "highly offensive" to the agenda of the Government.

Its construction would all but dash the dream of a waterfront stadium and Mr Jones is looking to see what powers he has as a Minister to stop it.

The Port is already seeking consent to start work, but Mr Jones wants that plan "to be pushed off the end of the pier".

"I think creation of this Soviet carpark is a deliberate snub and highly offensive to the agenda of the Government," he says.

"We're going to find out what other statutory powers we might have."

He wants the Ports of Auckland moved north - which could cost $1 billion and 10,000 jobs if it were to happen.

But despite his talk, Mr Jones may not have the power to stop the carpark and National's Judith Collins says he's meddling.

"We've got a Government minister trying to heavy-hand the Auckland Port which is not owned by the government," she says.

Auckland Council will be considering building consent for the carpark in the near future. It wouldn't comment on Friday.

But neither the carpark nor a stadium could be seen in a video of its waterfront vision released today, which will see Quay Street evolve in to a waterfront boulevard.

A waterfront boulevard that could soon have a nice view of a carpark.


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