Christchurch shooting: Prime Minister says Government will contact Ukraine over sale of alleged gunman's manifesto

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she'd have "no hesitation" asking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to contact Ukraine, after reports a hardcover of the alleged Christchurch gunman's manifesto was being sold on the internet.

A Ukrainian online message board, cited by NZME, was selling what the Chief Censor earlier called the "crude booklet".

It was reportedly being sold for NZ$6.23.

Ardern told media on Thursday she'd have no hesitation sharing New Zealand's views with Ukraine.

"As I said yesterday, from New Zealand's perspective it's abhorrent," she said. "But of course we only have the ability to control what occurs within our jurisdiction - again, the individual Government's have their own legislative tools."

The manifesto was published online and sent to various people - including the Prime Minister - just minutes before the alleged gunman attacked two mosques in Christchurch, killing 51 people. It was banned by the Chief Censor earlier this year.

On Wednesday, Ardern slammed reports of the manifesto's sale, saying it was "abhorrent and disgusting".

"It wouldn't be able to happen in New Zealand," she said.